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Crepes in Japan - Essay Example

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The Japanese people are said to be highly cultural, taking advantage of the varied cultures that are found in this country. In terms of cuisine, the country has transcended a long path, developing much-sophisticated cuisine that has received worldwide acceptance. …
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Crepes in Japan
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Extract of sample "Crepes in Japan"

Crepes in Japan Introduction Asia, comprises of many countries, most of whom are island nations, being one of them, Japan is an island country that is located in on the East of Asia in the Pacific Ocean. In terms of geographical location, the country borders Japan Sea on the east, China, as well as Russia and Korea. The country has a large population the rest on its 6852 islands, in this case, these people form a good market for people and companies investing in this country.
The people of the country have varied cultures that have been complemented by many other nationals that live in the country’s cities. Japan is a country that has lived to enjoy political stability since the end of the Second World War; this attribute has made it a good destination for multinational companies that have set ground in this country.
The Japanese people are said to be highly cultural, taking advantage of the varied cultures that are found in this country. For instance, in terms of music, the country is characterized by several styles of performance that comprise of traditional, as well as modern approaches. In fact, this country is ranked second in the world’s music industry; making is a good market for music companies from all over the world (Martinez 235).
In terms of cuisine, the country has transcended a long path, developing much-sophisticated cuisine that has received worldwide acceptance. Japanese food has developed to become fashionable as a well as popular, not only in the United States, but also in other countries (Sugimoto 96-7). However, being reach in terms of cultural diversity has made the Japanese very receptive of other cultural items from other parts of the world.
Crepes in Japan
In terms of the people’s diet and nutritional needs, there are different varieties of foods that are favorites to the Japanese people. Crepes have become popular food items for the people in Japan; it is profound in most menus in hotels and restaurant (Williams 3). The food is said to be highly nutritious and delicious, an attribute that has since its consumption rates increased significantly.
Crepe as a meal is served during breakfast in hotels and restaurants, but people can have the choice of preparing the meal in their homes at their convenience. As a lunchtime meal, the meal is usually prepared with butter and eggs, while as a dinner meal; it is prepared with fish or chicken depending on the preferences of the people taking it (Williams 6-7).
Japan, as any other developed nation has varied business opportunities for people that wish to set up their investments in the country. The prevailing rich culture is an important the country has been using to increase its people’s economic welfare, for this reason, the introduction of crepes, as a meal in the menus of various hotels and restaurants has been an important opportunity that has generated huge returns for particular people. It is important to note that there are still major sectors that are ready for exploitation, besides the food and hotel industry; there are multiple inventions that can be brought up with huge returns.
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