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The relationship between Human and Nature - Dissertation Example

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This paper “The relationship between Human and Nature” seeks to study architecture, including its primary elements, religious and cultural influences, as well as historical influences. Natural elements including light, space, and air has been emphasized in this paper. …
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The relationship between Human and Nature
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Download file to see previous pages The Eastern and Western architecture are largely influenced by the religions dominant in both regions. Western religions, which include Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, as well as Greek and Roman Empire influences, apply their beliefs based on congregated prayer where the community usually participates in praise and other religious rituals (Cooler, n.d). Such practice often calls for space where a congregation can gather and listen to teachings from religious leaders. In effect, a speaker would have to face the followers in order to be seen and heard. The speaker would therefore have to be situated at the front of a space, not at its centre because those behind may not be able to hear him and may not be able to participate fully in the religious activity (Cooler, n.d). A rectangular space with a podium at one end may therefore serve better purposes for worship within the western religious setting. While the circular forms of worship sites as in the formations seen at the Stonehenge, these sites did not last as a main forms of worship sites (Cooler, n.d).
Japanese architecture
The impact of Japanese architecture to architecture in general is very much significant. It includes both religious and non-religious tones and themes. For a long time, Japanese architecture has mostly been based on Chinese influence (World Translation Center, 2014). However, differences between their styles have been noted throughout the years, with a significant difference being that in Japanese architecture, people usually sat on the floor, with Chinese architecture including chairs to sit on. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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