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The Water You drink This paper is a report on the quality of water in the state of Arizona, more specifically, Yuma as provided by the water services department of the city of Yuma. According to the water testing that was performed in the year 2010, the quality of water supplied to the state of Yuma meets and even surpasses all state and federal standards of water-quality (Water Services Department of the City of Yuma, 1)…
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The Water You drink
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The Water You drink This paper is a report on the quality of water in the of Arizona, more specifically, Yuma as provided by the water services department of the city of Yuma. According to the water testing that was performed in the year 2010, the quality of water supplied to the state of Yuma meets and even surpasses all state and federal standards of water-quality (Water Services Department of the City of Yuma, 1). According to ADWR (26), the water supplied to the Yuma population is normally tested from the source to the tap. This is done about 100 times so as to detect over 80 types of water contaminants. The main source of this water is Colorado River. All water obtained form underground sources in Yuma are treated for iron and manganese. This is done by the Aqua Viva Water Treatment Facility which also treats surface. This water is drawn from a number of springs, wells and mine sites. This water is then blended with surface water and disinfected before being distributed in the water system (Towne 123). An assessment conducted on the land uses revealed that the use of these lands poses low levels of risks to both ground water and Main canal water. Though water services department of the city of Yuma treats all water it provides, it is not responsible for amount of lead to them because it does not have the power to control the plumbing techniques used. Despite the high quality the water still has low levels of microbial contaminants, radioactive contaminants and inorganic contaminants (ADWR 23). Works cited Arizona department of water resources (ADWR). Assured and adequate water supply applications. Project files. ADWR Hydrology Division. 2008. Towne Douglas. Ambient groundwater quality in Yuma basin: a 1995 baseline study, ADEQ Open File Report 98-7. Yuma County. 1998. Water Services Department of the City of Yuma. Annual water report: water testing performed in 2010. Water Services Department of the City of Yuma. 2010. Read More
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