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MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS: AIR CANADA TAKES OFF WITH MAINTENIX Management Information Systems: Air Canada takes off with Maintenix Author Author Affiliation Date Question No 1 How does Maintenix improve operational efficiency and decision-making for Air Canada?…
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Management Information systems - Case study
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MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS: AIR CANADA TAKES OFF WITH MAINTENIX Management Information Systems: Air Canada takes off with Maintenix Affiliation Date Question No 1 How does Maintenix improve operational efficiency and decision-making for Air Canada? The Maintenix information system has offered an intelligent, integrated, renovated, aviation protection and operational applications. This capability offers some useful ways to enhance the visibility of fleet-wide information and data, offer support for the Air Canada’s convenient company model, well-timed decision making and augmented working efficiencies. Additionally, the Maintenix system is available on the Web as well as easy to utilize and could be established for working and operational stations all through the world. In addition, it lessens cyclic tasks and protracted imperfect or missing data and information by permitting engineering, maintenance and finance divisions to simply share corporate data and information. Moreover, wireless technology based arrangement makes Maintenix information system more efficient like equipment, aviation technicians and parts are for all time on the move. Matintenix offered very effective system arrangement that is accessible on the Web and simple in managing all the stations all through the business domains, regarding operational and functional competence. In addition, software Matintenix minimizes repetitive jobs and missing time tracking or imperfect information by permitting engineering, maintenance and finance divisions to simply share data and information across the globe. Maintenix software employs a contemporary and up-to-date architecture and offers superior potential like that function-based computerized workflow, Web browser interface, electronic database signatures, additional adapters and facility for portable wireless devices. In addition, as well system is aimed to support through a variety of services comprising Maintenix establishment, systems integration, business consulting, support and training. Question No 2 What type of information system is the Maintenix Software? Maintenix Software is a decision-support system (DSS) that offers a great deal of support in form of non-routine decision making for business and corporate management. In addition, Maintenix Software offers refined analytical paradigms and data analysis systems and facilities through enhanced management of the semi-structured as well as unstructured corporate business management. Moreover, DSS makes use of data from Transactional Processing System (TPS), Management Information System (MIS), and outside sources, in strong shape, facilitating decision makers to carry out “what-if” analysis. There are main three decisions those are supported through the Maintenix system. Additionally, the DSS of Maintenix Software allows the maintenance of engineering module and implements the pattern hierarchy, rules, and upholding program that all of the additional modules rely upon. In addition, a business makes use of this module to explain part associations, machinery elements and compatibility issues and policy. The DSS of Maintenix Software encompasses a line maintenance module which is comparable to an active catalog of maintenance and operational needs beside finite resources at a variety of sites. In addition, the module facilitates a business to make sure that only qualified technicians are accessible previous to they work on maintenance of the corporate systems and working processes. Moreover, in DSS of Maintenix Software materials administration module makes sure that the smallest amount of every component is constantly in stock devoid of enabling engineers to be small on parts for a moment. Read More
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