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A description of the selected learning environment and your population of learners (e.g., K-12 students or adult learners). The population of learners would be composed of adult students of different nationalities. For this type of learners, the way they feel about learning is essentially significant to their academic success (Materna, 2007)…
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EDU 636 Team project
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A of the selected learning environment and your population of learners (e.g., K-12 or adult learners). The population of learners would be composed of adult students of different nationalities. For this type of learners, the way they feel about learning is essentially significant to their academic success (Materna, 2007). The reason of which is that they already have mature thoughts. They are good at giving new ideas in every discussion. In such case, it is important for the facilitator to make them feel confident of their skills as well as secure, respected, and comfortable in their learning environment (Materna, 2007). If this kind of learning environment is achieved, the adult learners would be surely in their optimal state to learn (Materna, 2007). The facilitator could then expect an interactive population of learners. In light of the aforementioned facts, for the adult learners who are the subject of the study, they will be subjected to an e-learning environment. This type of learning environment will primarily utilize computers and the internet. It is to be expected that each of the learners will have both of them at home or anywhere. The adult learners will have to log on to a designated website to be formally recognized by the facilitator. The website wherein the discussion will transpire will have to be user-friendly and complete with the needed accessories such as the discussion board. Unlike in a typical classroom discussion, wherein the teacher and the students will have a face to face interaction, in an e-learning environment, the participants will experience the so called virtual communication. What connects the teacher to the adult learners is the internet. All the educational materials will be available on the website wherein the adult learners could easily access and download. Explanation of whether the learning environment is primarily synchronous, asynchronous, or a blend. The learning environment will be a blend of the two types of e-learning, asynchronous and synchronous. It would not just be student guided but also teacher guided. This means that educational materials will be made available on the group’s website which the adult learners could access and study anytime and anywhere. The educational materials should be complete in both depth and breadth for self-study to be possible (Rosen, 2009). To supplement what they learn through self-study, the teacher will have to meet all the adult learners virtually at a designated date and time using videoconferencing. Through videoconferencing, the adult learners could interact with the teacher, ask questions or clarify a particular topic. It is as if the teacher and the learners are discussing personally similar to a traditional classroom setting (Rosen, 2009). This method is to be utilized so that the students will not feel isolated. Through the virtual discussion, the adult learners will have the chance to know their co-learners and share their ideas in a seemingly personal way. To reiterate, it is important for the adult learners to feel comfortable in their learning environment for them to reach their optimal state to learn (Materna, 2007). At anytime, the adult learners could also send a message to their facilitator and chat with the other learners. With the combination of both types of e-learning, the adult learners will not find it hard to study and achieve their educational goal. On the side of the teacher, he or she would be able to assess well the academic performance of each of the adult learners. References Materna, L. (2007). Jump start the adult learner: How to engage and motivate adults using brain-compatible strategies. California: Corwin Press. Rosen, A. (2009). E-learning 2.0: Proven practices and emerging technologies to achieve results. New York: AMACOM. Read More
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