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Is Education a Privilege or a Right? The definition of privilege according to Merriam Webster is, “a right or immunity granted as a peculiar benefit, advantage, or favor” (Privilege, 2011). Education is an inherent right of humans; the ability to learn is something we all have…
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Is Education a Privilege or a Right
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Is Education a Privilege or a Right? The definition of privilege according to Merriam Webster is, “a right or immunity granted as a peculiar benefit, advantage, or favor” (Privilege, 2011). Education is an inherent right of humans; the ability to learn is something we all have. The difference is how we each intend to use that ability. Education as a mandate is a privilege by default, once something is mandated or “enforced” then it is defined purely by the rules of the agency or government mandating it. As a result in this context regarding state funded and monitored educational institutions (public schools, universities etc.) education becomes a privilege. Because many governments claim a democratic approach, every individual should have some say in how their education system is run. Obviously, democracy allows a majority control at any given moment; this of course can have a direct effect on how education is approached. If a government or society truly embraces freedom then by default this should mean that the individual can decide what they want for themselves as long as those decisions do not harm another human. When it comes to education if a family wants to utilize a charter school, private school, online school or even home based education then this is their prerogative and should be allowed. Society should never invade the individual’s choices and decisions for its own benefit. The family and individual are the only ones capable of making the decision to educate and how to do so. While it should be noted that uneducated individuals are generally not going to make a good living this is not a reason to force a decision on these individuals. Personally I feel that every individual should gain a solid education and have continuing education, this however is a personal approach and should not be taken as a mandate. Privilege,. (2011). Definition of privilege. Retrieved from Economics and Education In Arizona the funding decreases have been felt on a local level for schools across the state. The recent economic difficulties have caused this funding to be seen as a decrease in many special programs and in some areas as a complete cease and desist with regards to music and athletic programs. According to the State of Arizona’s budget memo dated December 2010 over $700 has been cut per student (Department of Education, 2010 p. 3). Unfortunately, this means that students in the public school system are seeing fewer opportunities and still need to pass the general AIMs testing that occurs following the third grade. Many schools are cutting back the hours that each student is in school and letting teachers go to meet restricted budgets. State legislators are continuing to pass additional education related taxes however, are also cutting spending in ways that directly affects the students. The 2010 elections saw the following come into effect, “Proposition 100 proposes a 1% increase (one-cent per dollar) in the Arizona state sales tax.  Two-thirds of the revenues generated would fund k-12 education and the other one-third would fund health and human services and public safety.   The sales tax would automatically repeal on May 31, 2013” (Proposition 100, 2010). Unfortunately, following the passage of this tax additional cuts totaling over $300 million dollars were realized in the early part of 2011. This failure to fund the education system and the use of education as a prop in raising taxes could more than likely have additional future detrimental effects on the youth. While in some cases it seems that legislator is attempting to promote better education systems, there are the facts showing that regardless of amount of taxes specifically designated for the education system they are still cutting the school funding. This could show that legislator is in fact using education and our youth to promote additional monies being taken and not following through. Department of Education,. (2010). Funding of districts versus charters. Page 3 Retrieved from Proposition 100,. (2010). Proposition 100: the 1% temporary sales tax increase– your questions answered. Retrieved from Read More
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