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Compare-Contrast on Ancient Egyptian Arts and Ancient Greek Arts - Research Paper Example

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Ancient Egyptian Arts vs. Ancient Greek Arts The arts of ancient Egypt are different from the arts of ancient Greece. When the art forms of each are compared, one could notice two main differences. First and foremost, ancient Egyptian arts look stiff and not that realistic while ancient Greek arts seem to be alive and real…
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Compare-Contrast Paper on Ancient Egyptian Arts and Ancient Greek Arts
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"Compare-Contrast on Ancient Egyptian Arts and Ancient Greek Arts"

Download file to see previous pages The ancient Egyptians could have been very concerned on how the characters will be portrayed. The carefulness in drawing the characters involved is very notable. Verily, the stiffness nature of the characters portrayed could make a person say that the characters are just representations and not true. One could not entertain the idea that the characters were drawn or painted in an actual setting. Nevertheless, the ancient Egyptian arts are very attractive. Actually, the stiffness character of ancient Egyptian arts is associated to the beliefs and practices of Egypt’s primitive society. In the past, Egyptians gave importance to the exact portrayal of nature and actual life (“Art”). Exactness was actually viewed by them in terms of being able to draw the identifying features of the subject’s physical appearance. In such case, it is to be expected that in ancient Egyptian arts, the realistic appearance of an object is not given much attention. With regard to ancient Greek arts, one could notice the realistic portrayal of the objects and characters involved (Hill; Newby, qtd. in Bispham et al. 49). Every detail of the objects and characters are seriously attended. For instance, in ancient Greek painting involving humans, one could see the lively and natural portrayal of human bodies (Pynt and Higgs 56). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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