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Ferguson's article Diglossia, is his prognosis for Arabic accurate today (50 years later) Is Arabic on its way to becom - Essay Example

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ARABIC DIGLOSSIA Ferguson (1963) defined Diglossia as “a relatively stable language situation in which, in addition to the primary dialects of the language (which may include a standard or regional standards), there is a very different, highly codified (often grammatically more complex), superposed variety, the means of a large and respected body of written literature, either of an earlier period or in another speech community, which is learned largely by formal education and is used for most written and formal spoken purposes but is not used by any sector of the community for ordinary discussion.” …
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Fergusons article Diglossia, is his prognosis for Arabic accurate today (50 years later) Is Arabic on its way to becom
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"Ferguson's article Diglossia, is his prognosis for Arabic accurate today (50 years later) Is Arabic on its way to becom"

Download file to see previous pages Since Arabic does not use Roman alphabet, there will be a lot of difficulties along the way. Ferguson (1963) said that Arabic alphabet is even less feasible than the Greek. He identified two most serious and obvious problems in Arabic diglossia. The first problem is transliteration of Arabic spelling and the next is the phenomic transcription of Arabic (Ferguson, 1963). Transcription is not a very easy process. Thus, this possesses a difficulty in Arabic diglossia. But even if diglossia is said to be unstable and have lots of problems, Ferguson said that it is not the case. Evidences show that it can last over the years. According to Ferguson, the use of relatively uncodified, unstable, intermediate forms of languages and repeated vocabulary items from H to L can resolve the issues of diglossia. Constant use of the language can help resolve the problem of instability. When people use the language as often as they can or even every day, they will surely keep up and get used to new words and will eventually fully understand the language. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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