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Country Research - Essay Example

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Research about Japan Research about Japan Research about Japan Japan is an island in the Pacific Ocean rich in culture. They have their own way in believing in God, ceremonials, and vernacular way of communication…
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Country Research
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Download file to see previous pages Amaterasu is considered their chief deity with the emperor and empress as the successors who must lead ceremonies for the welfare of the people. Buddhism is another main religion practiced by many Japanese. Buddhism set the standard where salvation is achieved when believers give up their worldly desires and without too much thought of themselves. Japanese likewise have faith in myths. They claim that Izanami, the female goddess retired into the underworld as a result of the birth of god of Fire. Izanagi, the male god created the storm god, Susano. The myth of the tallest mountain is yet another that they maintain. Mount Fuji became the highest mountain in Japan because she destroyed Mount Haku after it was known that it has the tallest peak (Piggot, 1969). Interestingly, there are many rituals practiced by Japanese. Family ritual practices involve bathing themselves in a small square tub. The tub is used by every member of the family where it requires scrubbing and soaping outside the tub before dipping. Bowing when meeting someone and departing them is observed to show respect. When entering a house, outside shoes should be removed as a sign of cleanliness. Family eats with chopstick and talking is restricted. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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