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Democracy is the Best Form of Government - Essay Example

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Democracy is the Best Form of Government.
The power to govern is granted by the people through an election, referred to as representative democracy (1). In the presidential form of government, the people elects the president of the country and members of Congress…
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Democracy is the Best Form of Government
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Democracy is the Best Form of Government

Download file to see previous pages... In a democratic government, the people are allowed to engage in free market and free enterprise. They can choose which type of industry or business they can engage to earn a living. Moreover, people are allowed to own personal and real properties without limitation.
The other important rights granted by any constitutional government are the freedom of the press, of speech, of assembly and to form associations. People can publish or broadcast in the media their advocacy and opinions without fear of reprisal or incarceration by authorities and government agents. They can speak against the government and even criticize the appointed and elected leaders of the country. The citizens can also form organizations and associations for whatever purpose, except that of overthrowing the government or fomenting terror, fear or criminal acts.
Democracy is not the best kind of government for the people because it is lax in monitoring how people exercise their rights. The people can engage in any business including the buying and selling of guns and ammunitions. It is not uncommon in a democratic country for ordinary citizens to own a gun and go on a rampage shooting that kills many innocent civilians. In the US, this type of incident happens even inside school campuses (Girl Critical, pars. 32-33; van Wagtendonk, par. 1). The citizens are allowed to form any organization that can present a harmless front but with a malicious motivation, such as sowing terror among the people. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Democracy as the best form of government
He argues in favor of democracy, stating that as each individual citizen should play a role in the city-state, then the government is required to advocate good life in its citizens. This is an impossible feat in an oligarchy due to the fact that an oligarchy is a government by a few people, as opposed to a democracy, which is accomplished by all within the city-state.
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The Best Form of Governmen
The greatest thinker avoids ambiguity and bias, and his ideas are worth following. The philosopher underlines three main forms of governing: the rule of one (mon-archy), a few (olig-archy, arist-ocracy), or many (dem-ocracy) (Robinson, 1995). To his mind, democracy was not the most effective form of governing.
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Key Ideas of Liberalism
Liberalism refers to philosophical values based on the ideals of liberty and equality. Liberalism as an idea became popular in the age of enlightenment in America and Europe when intellects tried to understand and reform society by advancing knowledge.
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In America, democracy comes from status Vivendi where the people are more superior to the government while in Russia democracy stems from the understanding that people identify with both the government and its sovereignty. In America, democracy helps the citizens constantly analyze the reaction of the government towards its people.
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Is Democracy the best type of Government
Democracy was thrust onto many third world countries where it failed to produce any results such as in Vietnam. The champions of democracy failed to realize that most of these nations had a deeply divided social system that relied on castes to determine the position and status of individuals in society.
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Now they can leave home and be independent. These new independents may apply for a job and do what they had long wanted to do and buy what they had wanted to buy because their parents forbade them not to do or buy before. Democracy can also be defined as the right to vote in any organization.
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Modern Democracy
As is well known, "democracy" is taken from Greek word which means "government of the people, by the people and for the people." "demos" means people, and "cratos" means government. This is the meaning of the word (the nominal definition), but the concept to which the word corresponds (the real definition), has been evaluated or developed through history (De Torre, 1997).
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Western liberal democracy. The evolution of liberal democracy
To define a liberal democracy, it is "a form of representative democracy where elected representatives that hold the decision power are moderated by a constitution that emphasizes protecting individual liberties and the rights of minorities in society, such as freedom of speech and assembly, freedom of religion, the right to private property
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Democracy is the best form of goverment for all the world inhabitants
Whatever be the form of democracy that is adopted, the common feature is the need to make decision on certain matters that affect all members, and desire to make these decisions in such a way that every member has an opportunity to participate in the decision making
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Is liberal democracy the best government system Critically assess
According to Chan (2002), from time immemorial various governments have been culprits of accusations of either violating or infringing human rights. Due to such situations and with the preamble knowledge that human being play crucial role in building the society, it can
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