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Quantitative reasoning and analysis week 3 - Essay Example

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The posting made was an elaborate discussion of Cheng’s study made in 2009. First of all, the details of the experiment were adequately illustrated in which the posting can be considered as a good summary of the study. Moreover, important issues were presented such as establishing the reliability and the validity of quasi- experimental designs…
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Quantitative reasoning and analysis week 3
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"Quantitative reasoning and analysis week 3"

Download file to see previous pages However, the case of learners is very much different, which makes Cheng a good researcher because using real-world settings have factors that differ from controlled settings. To support this argument, many studies pursued in relation with No Child Left Behind Act were quasi-experimental designs. The rationale behind this according to Angrist (2003) was that numerous studies done before in the classroom that involved technology (computer-aided instruction) “relies on uncontrolled measurements, such as the level of satisfaction experienced by technology users”. Angris (2003) also noted that the subjects reported satisfaction in using new technology ( who wouldn’t after all?). Joshua Angrist has made several studies that focused on educational research specifically using CAI and used quasi-experimental design. Like Cheng, he has also considered the numerous aspects that can affect validity and came up with high validity. In conclusion, when it comes to educational research that uses technology in real-world settings, quasi-experimental method would be the most suited approach to have a credible research. Angrist, J. (2003) Randomized Trials and Quasi-Experiments in Education Research . The National Bureau of Economic Research. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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