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Compare the differences and similarities in how stories are framed - Assignment Example

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Tsunami-Japan CNN has quoted only official sources in a report on the nuclear crisis in the aftermath of Tsunami (CNN, 19 March 2011). First person accounts by affected persons regarding their health problems are not included. There is also no news included from refugee camps in this otherwise comprehensive report and the reporter talks from Tokyo, not from the affected area…
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Compare the differences and similarities in how stories are framed
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"Compare the differences and similarities in how stories are framed"

Download file to see previous pages There is a quote from the nuclear specialist who narrates his meeting after the disaster with his wife and children (MSNBC, 19 March 2011). By including this real life experience, the report gets more close to the human disaster rather than dwelling only on technical details. While reporting the radiation contamination of food items, Fox News has included crucial information that others have not- the tap water also has become contaminated with radiation (Fox News, 19 March 2011). This is important information and missing this does not go well with other news agencies. Fox News also has included the emotional account of the nuclear specialist about meeting his family (Fox News, 19 March 2011). Fox News has also given a brief history of the disaster by telling how it started and through which phases it developed (Fox News, 19 March 2011). It is a good practice to keep the viewers informed about the history of an event when it is a running story. CNBC has not made th food contamination a major headline and has given it as only a sub-heading to the main heading, ‘Japan Sees Some Stabilization in Nuclear Crisis’ (19 March 2011). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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