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Mitigation and risk reduction - Essay Example

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Mitigation and Risk Reduction (Japan) Name of Student (author) Name of School (University) Mitigation and Risk Reduction Introduction Disasters can strike virtually anywhere and anytime. Many factors can contribute to a disaster from being something manageable to something much worse if the concerned authorities fail to take mitigation measures…
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Mitigation and risk reduction
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"Mitigation and risk reduction"

Download file to see previous pages This paper deals with the disaster mitigations in the country of Japan which is considered as one of the most technologically-advanced and most-prepared nations in the world today. The world has seen the triple horrors of the strong earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis it currently faces. Discussion There are many ways to mitigate the adverse effects of a disaster if and when it strikes. A few of these measures include laws on zoning ordinances and strict building codes. We can see that in Japan, these were mostly followed because most tall buildings in Japan were built on solid ground and further, were designed and constructed to withstand strong earthquakes. A 9.0 strong earthquake that hit the country last March 11 showed its high level of preparations and a building code that was implemented properly because very few buildings toppled during the earthquake. It can be said that most of the casualties were the result of the subsequent tsunami that hit eastern parts of Japan facing the Pacific Ocean. The local population is also very well informed. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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