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Advertising Summary The importance and effectiveness of advertising in selling products have been a subject of research for many long years. With these, several trends on how advertisements are shaped to invoke consumers’ attention and get them to buy the products being sold have surfaced…
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Download file to see previous pages Of these, advertisers have more or less concentrated on appealing to the fifteen basic human needs as defined and agreed by several theorists. These include need for sex, affiliation, nurture, guidance, to aggress, to achieve, as well as physical needs such as food and drink, among others. Due to the primitiveness of these factors, ad men see “emotional appeal” as an effective move to increase marketability of the products endorsed by triggering the inner urges and motives of its consumers. In a way, this, too, affect the second aspect mentioned above. However, aside from emotional appeals, advertisers have also employed the concepts of humor, and other unique styles of presentation, and even utilized models in the image of a celebrity to leave an impression upon the viewers, readers or listeners, that will get them to buy a certain product or use a certain service. Although there are many ways to advertise a product, whether in television, print, and even in radio, it is believed that visual advertisements, such as those seen on televisions before or after a favorite show, have been found to be more effective than the rest. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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