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Personal Development - Essay Example

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Vision and Personal Development Plan BY YOU YOUR SCHOOL INFO HERE DATE HERE Vision and Personal Development Plan Vision Statement Five years from today, I envision myself as the Chief Nursing Officer of a mid- to large-sized hospital. This may seem to be a somewhat lofty goal in just five years time, however the personal drive, ambition and dedication that I currently maintain to the nursing profession will assist in making this goal a reality…
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Personal Development
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Download file to see previous pages In addition, some level of qualitative research will be conducted to determine real-life attitudes of currently-practicing nurses and administration (where appropriate) to determine what credentials or habits would be best-suited to an administrative nursing role. I believe these practices will enhance my knowledge of the nursing profession by being able to link theoretical nursing theory with tangible practice dynamics. As part of my vision for excellence in holistic nursing practice, servant leadership and transformational leadership will be critical to becoming a well-rounded nursing professional able to take a solid leadership position in a dynamic health environment. Servant leadership demands having a focus on others, providing empathetic and benevolence toward others while still developing my own professional competencies (Farazmand et al., 2010). Servant leadership demands being altruistic in virtually dimensions of practice, creating a global perspective that recognizes diversity of culture and non-biased servitude for a variety of different patients and professionals. Transformational leadership is also critical for becoming a Chief Nursing Officer as this requires the ability to establish followership, team performance and loyalty from subordinates. Fairholm (2009) describes transformational leadership as being inspirational, while setting a vision for team practice, and then routinely conveying this vision through role modeling and constant communication with team members. Transformational leadership requires the nurse to be a teacher and coach, helping others to develop their own competencies and, ultimately, self-actualization at the psychological level. Transformational leadership provides local-level leadership within the microeconomic health care environment. I must also be considerate of my own personal needs as a professional in this field. I have conducted several self-analyses regarding my preferred learning styles, personality type and leadership characteristics. These assessments and evaluations have returned very consistent results that indicate I am well-suited for a servant leadership role, maintaining considerable empathetic characteristics and high emotional intelligence. An effective leader in a highly-visible nursing role in administration must be able to gauge the emotional states and needs of their followers and patients in order to provide effective care. At the same time, I must be equipped to regulate my own emotional responses in professional meeting environments, when dealing with disheartening patient scenarios, and when working with diverse cultural representatives. Personal satisfaction will come by finally being self-actualized in relation to my very legitimate desire to assist others in need. Personal satisfaction will also be achieved by having a dominant role in the organization, which tends to suit many of my personality characteristics. Based on honest self-assessment and the results of many different evaluation tests, I have many dominant characteristics when it comes to leadership, both socially and professionally. I am very self-confident about my abilities and my problem-solving competencies and therefore I trust in my ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Personal Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words)
Personal Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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