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Term Paper Abstract Business organizations in the current scenario are struck by changes in the commodities and services demand scenario of the external market. This spontaneous flux observed in regard to market demand happens to jeopardize the profitability and productivity paradigm of the business concerns…
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Download file to see previous pages 1. Supply Chain Problems in Business Organizations The external environment of business corporations is countering large amount of changes in regard to alterations in demand for the products and services by the consumer sphere. Therefore, business organizations feel the requirement of strategizing the business operations in strict adherence to changing market demands. Supplies of goods and services must reach the end consumer on time. Furthermore, the manufacturing and supply chain operations need to be carried out with a focus on the changes in the demand sphere. Absence of demand driven supply chain systems for business organizations tends to make the production activities obsolete, leading to a loss of productivity, profitability, and blockage of working capital (Tai, Ho, and Wu 5397-5398). 2. Concept of Transformational Leadership Transformational leadership or the ability to transform focuses on incorporating a visionary approach in dealing with a change or alteration of the present state of operations or conduct. Such visionary approach implies that the transformational leader focuses on generating key strategies based on objectives the organization is to achieve. A transformational leader is required to work on effective communication to help people working at different levels to receive a clear understanding of their way of approach. Such enhancement of the communication activities helps in generating confidence in the minds of the people to work collaboratively in the atmosphere of change. The change leader is required to reflect on the benefits the people and the concern will accrue in regard to the change process. Such transparency in communication between the leader and the subordinate groups instills confidence and, therefore, motivates the people to work more productively (Chen, Preston, and Xia 258-259). The transformational leader in regard to business organizations is found to incorporate the systems of information technology to enhance the working potential of the firm. The incorporation and use of information technology on a mass scale helps the firm to augment the level of resource utilization in achieving key managerial objectives. The transformational leader observes that the use of information technology in regard to business operations helps enhance the skills of the employees and efficiency of business processes. The alignment of information technology with the firm’s operations helps the concern enhance the operational and business processes, helping them to meet market demands effectively. The transformational leader gains efficiency in aligning the information technology incorporated with human and other organizational resources in different departments and levels. Transformational leaders are thereby required to effectively train, and communicate to, the people based on new objectives and skills to be gained to achieve the objectives underlined. Therefore, transformational or change leadership is a demand-centric approach which works best when focused on changes or alterations in the market demand for the services or commodities (Grant 471-472; Defee, Stank, Esper, and Mentzer 70). 3. Transformational Leadership in Generating Business Solutions The following segments reflect the transformational activities involved in supply chain systems, which an organizational leader can effectively ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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