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Transformational leadership: a study conducted on district public schools in Houston, Texas by A Dissertation Presented in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX February 2012 Transformational leadership: a study conducted on district public schools in Houston, Texas by February 2012 Approved:     Accepted and Signed:                                                                                                             Date    Accepted and Signed:       …
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Transformational Leadership Dissertation
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Download file to see previous pages           __________________ Date    Dean, School of Advanced Studies University of Phoenix Table of Contents Table of Contents 3 Abstract 5 1.0. Introduction 8 Problem Statement 10 Purpose Statement 11 Significance of the Study 12 Nature of the Study 13 1.1.1.Design of the study 13 Justification for the chosen methodology 13 1.5.1 Characteristics of the sample 13 1.5.2. Data collection 14 1.5.3. Data analysis 14 Hypothesis/Research Questions 14 Theoretical Framework 15 1.1.2.Definitions of Terms 17 1.1.3.Assumptions 20 Scope of Study 21 1.1.4.Limitations 21 1.1.5.Delimitations 22 1.2.Summary 22 2.0. Chapter 2: Review of Literature 24 2.1. Historical Overview 24 2.1.1. Empowerment Through leadership 26 2.1.2. Leadership Development 31 2.1.3. Academic Achievement 37 2.2. Summary 47 3.0. CHAPTER 3: METHOD 49 3.1. Research Design 49 3.1.2. Appropriateness of Design 51 3.2. Research Questions 52 3.3. Population 53 3.4. Informed Consent 54 3.5. Sampling Frame 54 3.6. Data collection 54 3.6.1. Confidentiality 56 3.6.2. Geographic Location 56 3.6.3. Instrumentation 56 3.7. Data Analysis 57 3.7.1. Validity 58 3.7.2. Reliability 58 3.8. Summary 58 Reference 60 Abstract This study takes an in-depth look at transformational leadership and how effective this model of leadership is when implemented. The study is conducted in the context of Schools to explore how principals and the management achieve transformational leadership, how it is nurtured and developed and the benefits derived from implementing this model of leadership. The main aim of this study is to identify how transformational leadership has enhanced school teachers and administrators’ effectiveness in managing and improving schools through educational reforms and other improvement practices. The study identified that leadership in a schools is not much different from leadership in private sector companies and is thus very critical to the effectiveness of learning. One of the major problems identified in this study is lack of well developed leadership that could enable leaders to address the challenges that are currently faced at schools. Effective leadership as mentioned in this study is essential for the transformation of the organization and it is fundamental for driving the strategic and cultural plans that are used to enhance improvement in parental involvement, technology and academic achievement. This research has identified that transformational leadership is the most effective leadership model in guiding organizations through significant changes. The study has taken quantitative research approach focusing on public schools in the United States as the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Transformational Leadership Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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