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Ecological footprint - Essay Example

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Author`s Name School Name Title Ecological Footprint and Environment In our everyday lives, we consciously and unconsciously develop habits which eventually become a part of our lifestyle. Most of these habits are bad for the environment and have adverse effects on the planet, both long term and short term…
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Ecological footprint
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Ecological footprint

Download file to see previous pages... This course was quite informative, quite an eye opening one which made me think of changing my habits, step by step, in such a way that I can track the intensity of environmental hazards I posed. Also, this course helped me change my habits to a large extent so that I can become a responsible global citizen considerate of the environment. This paper is an attempt to describe the step-by-step process of how I managed to make constructive choices in life and how I`m an environmentally responsible citizen now, however, the process is an ongoing one. The first chapter included the analysis of one the products of everyday use in our households. Ariel was the detergent which was being used for ages back at my home, and on conducting the background check of the product on the instructions of my advisor I came across astonishing facts about the product. It contained bleach, colorants, and brighteners and perfumes which biodegrade in such a way that it the chemicals are unhealthy for our skin as well as for the environment. Thus, I looked up for the environment friendly products and came across some of the home made recipes to produce detergents, also brands like Biokleen liquid and Clear Laundry Detergent are great products which give good results at the same time are environment friendly. ...
After this activity, my personal interest in the field was enhanced and as the course proceeded I even became aware of the concept of recycling. Thus, I started engaging myself in recycling all the products and using them again wherever I can, instead of using new ones. For instance, I began recycling my clothes and even began purchasing vintage clothes to contribute positively for the environment. With time, I also switched to eco-friendly bio-bags for grocery shopping and developed a habit of carrying my own bag while shopping. This turned out to be an inspiration for others as well which encouraged me to take a stand and place bio-bags in some of the nearby stores I had access to, to promote the concept. Also, I switched to recycled paper to save planet earth and also began recycling any kind of paper I had. With time, when I talked to other friends around at school, I discovered that energy is a huge issue in many different states around the world, thus, conserving energy is also a crucial part of the process. I found out that many of my Asian friends doesn’t have access to electricity and clean water readily back at their home towns, thus I realized that energy is also a finite resource which should be conserved. Thus, this inspired me to conserve the rain water which I started collecting in buckets every time it rained. This water was then used to clean my Porsche and my car; also I installed water saving devices along with the taps that were being used in my residence. Also, I started using indigenous plants in my garden so that water consumption is reduced to the maximum extent possible. The next was my realization related to the effects of chemicals on the environment, as these products break ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Ecological footprint
The Ecological Footprint is defined as "the area of productive land and water ecosystems required producing the resources that the population consumes and assimilate the wastes that the population produces, wherever on Earth the land and water is located." (Wackernagel et al).
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Ecological footprint
Simply put, an ecological footprint is actually the measure of “how much land and water area a human population requires to produce the resource it consumes and to absorb its wastes, using prevailing technology” (footprintnetwork.org, n.d.). In this case, it will measure how much of the earth is it needed to support humanity given a specific lifestyle.
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How I Reduced My Ecological Footprint
I felt that I had the urge to reduce the impacts I had on the environment through improving my activities. An ecological footprint is basically the portion of the environment that man uses in satisfying his needs (Beder 14). The notion of ecological footprint is used in measuring the utilization of resources in the environment by man.
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Ecological Footprint
The structuring enables one to ascertain his personal and household demands, and with diversified parameters within the consumption model, analysis is cheaper and straightforward.
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Ecological Footprints
Man requires the resources provided by nature but how will man know how much he is using and how much he is supposed to use for sustainable development? Ecological footprint is the answer to this question as it is a measure of man’s demand for nature and the capability of nature to regenerate what man has used, as well as to absorb the waste produced by man.
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Ecological Debt
Ecological Debt is the obligation and responsibility that industrialized countries of the North have with the Third World, for the exploitation of their natural goods such as oil, minerals, forests, biodiversity, indigenous and peasant knowledge, marine goods, and for the disproportionate and illegitimate use of the atmosphere and of the oceans to dump waste, including the greenhouse gases."
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Do you agree the impossibility of measuring the size of ecological footprints accurately undermines the idea of ecological citizenship
come apparent that every individual needs to exercise responsibility and develop ecological citizenship, or a sense of responsibility towards the preservation of Mother Earth and her resources. The concept of the ecological footprint has been developed in order to attempt to
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Ecological Footprint and Personal Environmental History
It highlights that if people around the world start living in my lifestyle, we all would need at least 8.32 earths in order to continue living on this planet earth. This means we need more similar ecological
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Discussing the concept of the Ecological Footprint, as well as your score. Be sure to address whether or not you think it accurately affects your impact on the environment
not only gives way to scarcity, but also leads to irreversible changes to the environment that are detrimental to the survival of many plant and animal species and human beings (Kemp 44). In the light of these facts, I must say that I was a bit shocked by my Ecological Footprint
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Ecological Footprint
It assesses the extent to which the human population demands natural capital relative to the available natural resources on the earth. This is done by considering the different lifestyles adopted by people all over the world. The Ecological Footprint test yielded
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