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Ecological Footprint and Personal Environmental History - Essay Example

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Ecological footprint is a measure of human consumption of renewable natural resources provided as the number of planets (Spellerberg 107); and, the footprint denotes a consequence of the large expansion in per capita energy and material consumption (Lein 42). My ecological…
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Ecological Footprint and Personal Environmental History
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Download file to see previous pages However, the scientists have not been successful till this point of time to locate other planets similar to this one. In comparison with the country average, my carbon and food footprint are more, indicating that I am taking those activities that are generating more carbon and I am consuming more food items that are providing more food footprint than the average rate. In addition to that, my footprint share by BIOME is largely contributed by the forestland footprint, which is around 40 percent of my total footprint share by BIOME.
I am astonished to see the impact of my footprint over the ecological system of the planet. I feel that I am the person who is contributing more in the ecological footprint than any other person. And, it is largely contributed by my current lifestyle and activities that I routinely carry on. For example, I use vehicles; consume excessive water, I do not retune my vehicle’s engine on time. My current lifestyle has little chances of being sustainable. I consider that the only way to improve and enhance the sustainability in the lifestyle can only be achieved if I start thinking like a person who lives ethically, socially and personally responsible by reducing every that activity creating or enhancing the ecological footprint. I should retune my vehicle’s engine on time; if I and my father are going in the morning, instead of using two vehicles, we should use one. While consuming water, I should not waste any single drop of water and so on.
To be honest, I have never thought about my relationship with the earth. As a result, my relationship with the earth has been a stranger. A person who does not know about the earth, which has everything that is indispensable for my existence on this planet; the earth has been made in a way that is filled with a number of elements and members. Each element and member has individual role to play; for example, with the presence of air, we breathe ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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