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Gibbs Reflective - Essay Example

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This essay presents a story of one nurse. On a supermarket parking lot, she stumbled upon a car with two infant children. They both cried and were seated on the back seat, tightly strapped to their respective chairs. One of the children was fighting to break free while the other simply lay. …
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Gibbs Reflective
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Download file to see previous pages From this paper it is clear that looking at the situation, the nurse thought it wise first to open a door. She assumed the driver might have forgotten to close their door and so begun with that door. The easiest way to get to the children was to open their doors next, and so she unlocked all doors and flung the back door open. The nurse was afraid of a misunderstanding between the parents or passers-by, she, however, could not limit her thought to the consequences and, therefore, swing both doors open. After the circulation of air was solved the next step was to look for the nearest authoritative agent. The nurse called a security guard, and it is at this point that she was able to seek help from a second party. They then both waited for the parent to return as they each took a child to their hands.Thid essay stresses that all caregivers are trained to handle all situations from a point of compassion and love. The nurse first took the situation from the children’s perspective. She thought that for an infant to try and understand, such heat and to look and find no help around was a painful situation. She, therefore, felt the need to address the situation in an immediate sense. There are quite a number of laws that govern how children are to be given care. It can  be mistaken as a kidnapper in such a situation. It was, therefore, her first instinct to relieve the children of the immediate threat and then the nurse would look seek help from a person in authority. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Gibbs Reflective Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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