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Developing and leading effective Teams - Article Example

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Interestingly, in transforming health care, one of the first steps involves the identification of a mission (Glazer et al., 2013). In the health care sector,…
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Developing and leading effective Teams
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Extract of sample "Developing and leading effective Teams"

Developing and leading effective Teams Developing and leading effective Teams Steps of Team Creation Creation, development, and leading of effective teams is a tasking process that requires certain steps to attain success. Interestingly, in transforming health care, one of the first steps involves the identification of a mission (Glazer et al., 2013). In the health care sector, a nursing manager shall develop and lead a team that is concerned with warm interaction with patients.
It is a consequence that demands for the creation of a leadership team within the unit for efficient decision-making and goal-setting (Manion, 2011). On that account, the goal or purpose of the team entails smoothening interactions with patients to facilitate provision of health services.
A Preferred Team
In terms of the type of team essential for the accomplishment of the problem affect nurses and patients, I would advocate for a primary work team or primary care team (Calendrillo, 2009). It is a team that concentrates on interacting with the patients at both the professional and personal levels to get feedback important in boost healthcare services given by the hospital.
Benefits and Disadvantages
On that note, there are benefits and disadvantages of creating the aforementioned type of team. On benefit involves constant communication that ensures the execution of roles and responsibilities within the health sector (Beeson, 2011). Second, the creation of ground rules often emerge in such scenarios because of certain expected behaviours and guidelines. However, the disadvantages encompass inability to reach quick agreements because of team binding regulations.
Team Preference
I, therefore, would prefer staff members with both interpersonal and intrapersonal skills because they will understand how to interact with others (Kelly & Tazbir, 2013). Their skill sets and positions will offer a chance for trust during communication.
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Developing and Leading Effective Teams Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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