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It primarily concentrates on key communication skills together with their definitions as well as the constructive effects that result when they are employed in actual practice…
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Essay- Exploring a key Nursing concept: Communication
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"- Exploring a key Nursing concept: Communication"

Download file to see previous pages for future skills, Importance of effective communication in engaging with patients/healthcare services, Effective communication in compassionate nursing care and finally conclusion. This paper’s objective is refreshing as well as developing existing knowledge together with understanding of efficient communication skills. This is because effective communication assists nurses in developing a more conscious approach of communication with co-workers, several friends and family members that visit the patient during their admission in the hospital with the goal of enhancing health outcomes as well as patient satisfaction. Such communication therefore is an important aspect of nurse’s everyday work (Bach & Grant, 2009).
Communication generally can be described as a process through which information is passed through exchanging of non-verbal and verbal messages, leading to individuals creating relationships with one another. Communication is vital in the relationship between the nurse and the patient and is one of the 6 essential values that the government has singled out in its quest for delivering compassionate, high quality care for the patients. Communication therefore is key to effective caring relationships in addition to successful team working (Bramhall, 2014).
The importance of nursing is highlighted by the Nursing and Midwifery Council(2008) in its code of conduct ,affirming that nurses should fulfill patients’ communication and language needs in addition to sharing with them in a manner that they can comprehend the information, they need or want to know regarding their health. This implies therefore that effective communication assists vulnerable patients in not only coping but also making better and informed decisions regarding their treatment and care. Nevertheless, upholding effective communication in a healthcare environment that is busy, especially in vulnerable patients and frequently stressed staff needs highly developed interpersonal skills and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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