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Principles of Research & Evidence Based Practice - Essay Example

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In the present day context, the development of the healthcare sector has been seen in various domains of the operations owing to which better health related services are provided to the patients. Efficacy and professionalism from the end of the healthcare employees has certainly…
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Principles of Research & Evidence Based Practice
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"Principles of Research & Evidence Based Practice"

Download file to see previous pages measures and suggestions that can be used for the purpose of determining a better decision making with regard to the health care needs of the patients. It involves the combination of systematic research and clinical intervention to develop a complete plan for the treatment of any patient. It has further been noted that evidence based practice is an integrated method of clinical intervention that includes the contribution of professional experts’ values for the patients, evidence gained from research and past cases relevant to patient care among others (Duke University. 2014). It is largely used for the purpose of determining as well as developing better decisions with regard to the care and treatment of the patients dealing with any sort of disease (Northwest College, n.d.).
In this context, the essay intends to review two research articles that have extensive used evidence based practice for care and treatment of patients. The review will intend to highlight certain key aspects such as methodology of the research, data collection tools used in the research along with its results in a comprehensive manner altogether.
The article, “Nursing work environment and nurse caring: relationship among motivational factors” by Burtson & Stichler (2010) is reviewed. The article mainly intended to depict a better insight on the work environment for nursing professional along with identifying the factors that motivate them towards executing their activities. The research of Burtson & Stichler (2010) has clear and precise set of objectives, relevant to its aim and determine the relationship amid different nursing workplace factors which included nurse job satisfaction, stress and compassion fatigue among others (Burtson & Stichler, 2010). A systematic evaluation of the research study of the researchers has been provided hereunder.
The research of Burtson & Stichler (2010) has been conducted with a co-relational study approach of nurses with a target population of around ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Principles of research and evidence based practice
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Principles of research & evidence based practice
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