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Difference Between Nurse Leaders and Nurse Managers - Essay Example

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The present essay "Difference Between Nurse Leaders and Nurse Managers" concerns nursing management. It is stated that whereas nursing management has the fundamental role in determining the operations of a nursing institution such as recruitment of new nurses, etc…
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Difference Between Nurse Leaders and Nurse Managers
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"Difference Between Nurse Leaders and Nurse Managers"

Download file to see previous pages Nursing managers remain responsible for chairing of organizational meetings and determining the organizational projects, nursing leaders on their part work to determine the particular participation of unit nurses in particular organizational projects. Based on such a perspective, it is possible a nursing manager also becomes a nursing leader at the same time. As such, a clinical manager would as well step in to work as an in charge nurse and perform the necessary roles associated with a nursing leader such as the application of fairness in dealings with people.
In most instances, nursing leaders lack management position but still perform to the satisfaction of the concerned parties in a similar manner of a nursing manager. Such roles include assigning of nurses on different roles and responsibilities depending on an individual’s ability to complete such tasks. On a similar perspective, it is possible that a nursing manager becomes a leader. As such, the nursing leaders would be in a position to influence control over other nurses such as giving them directions (Finkelman, 2012). Additionally, a nursing leader must not be in a management position in order to perform effectively. Generally, all nurses need to be leaders by default, with appropriate qualities of effective performance. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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