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Delegating Authority in a Medical Environment: A Literature Review - Assignment Example

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The paper contains a literature review about the delegating authority in a medical environment. The author gives a detailed information about the concept of leadership in business and the connection with nursing and describes the future prospects of nursing…
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Delegating Authority in a Medical Environment: A Literature Review
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Download file to see previous pages These theorists and social scientists have opined unanimously that nursing is primarily about promoting health care address problem of the sufferers, in the modern context, another dimension has been added to the profession as it has been attempted to ensure that “clients receive quality care in minimal time with maximum efficiency” (Timby, 2008, p. 16). Change in social structure though has introduced several alternations in the ideological backdrop of this profession but these core principles have remained unchanged. However, changes in socio-cultural and economic structures also introduced several transformations in the life of common people and their perception regarding different aspects of life at the same time. Nursing as a profession, not only remained saturated within the boundaries of ideological reflections only but changed the perception of common people regarding professions related to the medical field also cast considerable impact over nursing that practitioners of the profession were gradually becoming bound to think beyond realms of limited ideological perceptions.
Whereas, on one hand, several modes of practices and training of interested people were introduced so that problem of the patients can be addressed accordingly the issue of leadership and delegation of power also became equally important. The modern organizational structure and theories clearly provide a great deal of importance on leadership and the person, who is considered as a leader, whether leading a production management team or a healthcare unit, is required to analyze needs of his subordinates and motivate them in such a way so that irrespective of various forms of personal as well as professional problems, aspects related to organizational goals, client satisfaction and standard of the quality of services provided are maintained to the best level possible. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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