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In EBP, there is consistent improvement of outcomes based on research and experience. The practice has been scientifically proved as an effective way of delivering healthcare over time. EBP has five…
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Single case design technique
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Single Case Design Technique Single Case Design Technique Evidence based practice (EBP) is a systematic way of deliveringhealthcare. In EBP, there is consistent improvement of outcomes based on research and experience. The practice has been scientifically proved as an effective way of delivering healthcare over time. EBP has five steps which briefly include asking of questions regarding the case, acquiring evidence regarding the scenario given, appraising such information, applying the best possible form and assessing the outcomes. Single case design techniques involve evaluation or assessment of the interventions used over a period a time (Clamp, Gough & Land, 2005).
When a practitioner follows all the steps of EBP, all the inferences required for the case at hand are usually made and deliberated. The practitioner, at this point, has looked at the case and can appraise the intervention used.
Research question: “How viable is the treatment developmental coordination disorder in children using verbal self-guidance?”
The posed research question can be solved using single case design technique very effectively. The main reason for the assertion is the nature of the findings expected from any experiment that seeks to answer the question. In order to tell whether an individual has improved from a developmental disorder, such a person is rated individually. This cannot be a group intervention. According to La grow & Hamilton (2000), single case techniques provide nursing practitioners the required practice in assessing the efficacy of a certain intervention on an individual basis. The authors additionally state that such assessment can be done using a controlled experiment that is applicable to a variety of settings.
The posed research question, by the virtue of it being called a research question, requires an experimental procedure that will realize application of verbal self-guidance towards correction of developmental disorder. The researcher will then assume ways of testing the viability of the intervention within the course of the experiment. The situation, therefore, fits into the solutions offered by single case design strategies.
In the investigation of experimental control in single case research, Newel (1998) examines methods of improving the assessment method. In the article, the author appraises the possibility of applying findings based on a larger sample to the individual demands. Such a large sample can be obtained through conventional five steps of EBP. Basing on Newel’s findings, the inferences made during such a process will hold and the assessment then done on an individual. The highlighted researches and experiments indicate that single case design can be applied efficiently once the required five steps of EBP are adhered to.
With the design of proper experimental procedures, it is very possible to correctly apply single case design in the research question that was posed earlier in this treatise. It has been proven as an effective intervention assessment technique. Correct application of the first four steps of EBP in the cases to be used ensures that the intervention is the one applied to improve the conditions at hand.
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La Grow, S. & Hamilton, C. (2000). The use of single case experimental designs to evaluate nursing interventions for individual clients. Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing 18 (2): 39-43.
Newell, R. (1998). Single case experimental design: Controlling the study. Nurse researcher 5(4): 25-39. Read More
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Single Case Design Technique Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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