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Specialist community public health nursing - Essay Example

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Change is an inevitable aspect of organisations and healthcare facilities and centres (Reissner, Pagan, & Smith, 2011). There is the need for every facility and every organisation to make changes to the way it does things from time to time. …
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Specialist community public health nursing
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"Specialist community public health nursing"

Download file to see previous pages There is the need to confront numerous barriers and other potential risks in order to attain the best and most appropriate results in each scenario (Campbell, 2008). Thus, in this essay, there will be a critical examination of the two concepts: leadership and change management in order to identify how they intersect in the healthcare sector in a practical manner. Statement of Purpose.This essay gives an account of the theoretical and practical processes a Specialist Community Public Health Nurse (SCPHN) in the development leadership potentials and competencies as a Health Visitor (HV) relating to a specific issue or case. This report will draw into experiences and activities that were encountered during service implementation relating to male-victim domestic violence. This will involve a discussion and analysis of the problem of domestic violence and how an SCPHN can assist in dealing with it through HV and other practical affairs and matters.The report will critique the leadership and management roles that exist in SCPHN and how they intersect with various concepts of leadership and change management in dealing with this practical problem or situation.In order to examine an important and significant element, the research will focus on an actual change that occurred in the health visit and this will provide the impetus for important analysis and evaluations of the theories of change management. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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