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Critically analyse the midwives role in relation to the administration of epidural anaesthesia - Essay Example

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The pain that is experienced during labour is as a result of contraction of the uterus and the birth canal. The injection is given in a region that is close to the…
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Critically analyse the midwives role in relation to the administration of epidural anaesthesia
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Download file to see previous pages (2004), the concentration of the anaesthetic that is used to prevent or block the propagation of the stimuli from the uterus and birth canal vary from one case to the other.Higher doses are used when the mobility of the stimuli is to be fully blocked. Despite the advantages of this technique that has been commonly used during labour, it is also associated with some problems. Some of the known problems include shivering, fever, cardiovascular depression as well as retention of urine in the patients’ bladder. The anaesthetic can be administered through a bolus, continuous infusion or through PCP.PCP refers to the use of a patent controlled pump.
According to Benfield (2002), the last ten years, about 24 % of women have used epidural analgesia during labour in the United Kingdom. In addition to this, about 60 % of those women who underwent assistive delivery also used this technique. Midwives do play an important role during the administration of epidural analgesia. Most of the roles are focused on monitoring the women to ensure their overall well being. The NICE guidelines lay out the duties and responsibilities of the midwives during the administration of epidural analgesia. The midwives work in collaboration with obstetricians and anaesthetist in the maternity clinics. All these three professionals have their specific duties that are concisely and clearly laid down in the NNC guidelines (Nursing & Midwifery Council 2014). The midwife, just like the other professionals always follows these guidelines when caring for the pregnant women in labour who are being given epidural analgesia as a way of relieving the pain that result from the contraction of the birth canal and the uterus.
The midwife, working with the obstetrician and anaesthetist may consider epidural analgesia for the expectant women for several reasons. Some of the reasons why this can be done include maternal request, prolonged and painful labour, multiple pregnancy and anticipated instrumental ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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