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Labor and Birth Case Review - Essay Example

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Labor delivery Name Institution’s name Birth Story Birth story includes the process of birth together with the delivery of the child. Actually, the child birth for Esther Davies commenced spontaneously, approximately 280 days after conception. Mainly the length of labor was about 7 hours, and it was actually the woman’s second birth…
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Labor and Birth Case Review
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Download file to see previous pages The process included conducting a pelvic exam in order to determine how the patient was progressing (Stevens, 2004). Notably, the active stage was faster than the latent phase with the patient experiencing contractions in every two minutes. However, the contractions were more painful. The transition to second stage began when the cervix dilated to about 8 – 9 cm. Second stage By the time the second stage started, the baby’s head had appeared at the top of the cervix. It is worth noting that the mother was advised on when to push. Notably, uterine contractions were also getting stronger (Tharp, 2000). With assistance from abdominal muscles contraction together with mother’s pushing, the baby passed through the birth canal. It was noted that active pushing played a significant role during the stage. More importantly, an epidural anesthetic was administered in order to make the mother to manage the abdominal muscles better. Consequently, crowning occurred as the infant filled the lower vagina. After the head was out, then the shoulders followed, and the baby’s mouth and nose was suctioned in order to ease the baby’s first breath. Third stage During the final stage of labor, the continuing uterine contractions push the placenta out of vagina. ...
This called for use of a stethoscope known as fetoscope. Consequently, after child birth, the patient was given some pain relief. This involved an epidural being placed in the patient while she lay on her side. Then her back was scrubbed with antiseptic, while the local anesthetic was injected in the skin. The anesthesia provided complete pain relief. Natural birth preparation The patient together with the family selected Lemaze method for preparing for childbirth. The method entails practice of breathing exercises together with concentration at a focal point (Tharp, 2000). This was done to assist the patient to control her pain while at the same time being conscious. In addition, the method made the flow of oxygen possible in the baby as well as to the muscles. I coached the mother during the birthing process. Conclusion The birth process was successful as expected. The mother did not experience any complications although the baby was noted to have heart murmurs. All in all, all the procedure that are involved in the birth process were a success. References Korte, D. (1992). A good birth, a safe birth. Harvard: Harvard Common Press.  Stevens, L. R. (2004). "Gimme a C: Is Choosing a Cesarean Section for a Nonmedical Reason Wise?" Fit Pregnancy April-May: 40-42. Tharp, A. J. (2000). This giving birth: pregnancy and childbirth in American women's writing. Bowling Green, OH: Bowling Green State University Popular Press.  Evidence based care Evidence based care refers to an evidence based solution that addresses a clinical dilemma and calls for defining the problem, in addition to conducting an efficient search in order to obtain the best evidence (Walsh, 2007). This is then followed by appraisal of the evidence, which is then ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Labor and Birth Case Review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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