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The need for a problem statement, research questions and hypotheses cannot be overemphasized in any meaningful research work where the researcher wants to have an…
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Identifying the Problem, Question, and Hypothesis
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IDENTIFYING THE PROBLEM, QUESTION, AND HYPOTHESIS For the following scenarios, problems ments, research questions and hypotheses are independently developed. The need for a problem statement, research questions and hypotheses cannot be overemphasized in any meaningful research work where the researcher wants to have an accomplished goal. This is because the problem statement, research questions and hypotheses are generally there to guide the researcher on the line of data collection to undertake. The absence of these would therefore be like a captain leading a ship without a compass. In essence, the problem statement, researcher questions and hypotheses defines the scope and delimitation of the study and must therefore be related, one to the other (Apfelbaum et al, 2003).
You are interested in determining the effect of music on anxiety and pain in the post-surgical patient.
Problem Statement: Identifying the role of music in the control of anxiety and pain in post-surgical patients.
Research Questions:
1. How does the human brain conceive music?
2. What is the effect of music on anxiety and pain in post-surgical patients in relation to the brains conception of music?
H1: Music improved the recovery rate for anxiety and pain in post-surgical patients (Garnett et al, 1996)
H0: Music does not influence the rate of recovery from anxiety and pain in post-surgical patients
You want to know if tele-health monitoring improves CHF patient outcomes in the home setting.
Problem Statement: The impact of tele-health monitoring on the improvement of CHF patients in the home setting
Research Questions:
1. What are the merits associated with the use of tele-health monitoring in the home setting for CHF patients?
2. What challenges come with the use of tele-health monitoring in the home setting for CHF patients?
H1: Home based CHF patients who receive tele-health monitoring have better chance of improved health (Beattie, 2003)
H0: The use of tele-health monitoring does not improve the health of home based CHF patients in any way
Apfelbaum J. L, Chen C, Mehta SS, Gan TJ. Postoperative pain experience: results from a national survey suggest postoperative pain continues to be undermanaged. Anesth Analg. 2003 Aug; 97(2):534-40
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