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They are derived from models in nursing or from different disciplines by projecting a systematic and purposive view of things through designing of specific inter-relationships…
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Nursing theorists ab
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Nursing Theorists Nursing Theorists Nursing theory is the set of definitions, concepts, propositions or assumptions, and relationships. They are derived from models in nursing or from different disciplines by projecting a systematic and purposive view of things through designing of specific inter-relationships among ideas for the purpose of explaining, describing, prescribing and/or predicting (Taylor and Lillis, 2001). This paper focuses on three recognized theorists: Betty Neuman, Dorothea Orem, and Madeleine Leininger; and the factors which influenced their definitions and descriptions of the components of the meta-paradigm in their respective models
Dorothea Orem’s Self-Care Deficit Nursing theory aimed at making encouraging patients be independent. Primary care, rehabilitation, and personal well being must have been the factors behind this theory. According to Dorothea, self-care is a human need, so nurses should come up with interventions to manage or provide actions of self-care for patients to maintain health and recover. This way, the recovery process will be much faster.
The Cultural Care theory by Madeleine Leininger is based on providing patients with cultural care. The diverse cultural backgrounds are the main factors behind this theory. Leininger advocates for care aimed at fitting or having beneficial outcome and meaning to people of similar or different cultural backgrounds. Cultural care accommodation, preservation, and re-patterning are main pillars of this theory.
How people react and relate to stress, and the dynamic reconstituting factors were the driving force behind Betty Neuman’s Systems Model theory (Taylor and Lillis, 2001). Betty focuses on how stress impacts on health and how nurses can to retain stability in the body system by helping patients adjust to stress and fight the stimuli producing tension.
To conclude, practice and theory are related. To develop the nursing profession,
the theoretic concept must be looked at.
Taylor, C. and Lillis, C.. (2001). The Art and Science Of Nursing Care. (4th ed).
Philadelphia: Lippincott. Read More
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Nursing Theorists Ab Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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