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Nursing theory application paper Parses Human Becoming Theory - Essay Example

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Baby AB, a one month old baby girl, was diagnosed with palliative congenital heart defect. She underwent surgery and was recovering in an open heart recovery room. The baby is on her way to recovery and towards extubation. But then while baby AB is on extubation, the patient experienced difficulty in reintubation…
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Nursing theory application paper Parses Human Becoming Theory
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Download file to see previous pages The parent of bay AB was distraught of the news. The next couple of days were a time to observe the patients reacting from the different procedures to keep her alive. But the baby got worse and even developed subclinical seizures on continuous encephalagram and was decided to be placed under a pentabarb coma. After a week, physicians attending to the baby saw progress because of adjusted medicines and a more positive eeg results. The team of physicians attending to baby AB decided based on the positive results of the eeg and brought the baby out of the coma. During the patients rest towards recovery in the open heart unit, the neuro and airway status was continuously monitored. One realization during the case is that the patient’s family is another set of patients to be looked upon. Baby AB, given her sensitive and delicate case must be given all the necessary attention and care. The family must is taught of the feeding techniques through g-tube and how to monitor the signs of seizure and respiratory distress of baby AB. Fortunately the family has a very strong faith and believed in the approach if giving utmost importance to baby AB’s condition.

Philosophical underpinnings of the human becoming theory
Palliative care focuses on quality of life and the life of both the patient and his or her family. Given the sensitivity and serious condition of the patient, giving care to the patient does not only rely on the attending physicians and nurses on the case. But rather the medical team must also encourage support and assistance to the family who will be taking care of the patient and giving their 24 hours care for the patient. In relation with the case specified about, the theory under study that analyzes and is connected with this case is Parse's human becoming theory which focus on the humanly experiences of health that constitutes a process of becoming one with the universe and other entities in it.
Parse's human becoming theory has its roots used as a nursing theory in the continental human science tradition. As a resolved theory that uses Parse's own experiences as a nurse, influence of Roger's conceptual system of nursing, and other tenets of existential phenomenology, the theory provides a theoretical system that explains how human beings is viewed as the expert and knowledgeable of his or her own health. The human becoming theory is an alternative theory that is presented by both conventional bio-medical approaches with biological, psychoanalytical, social and spiritual aspects. The theory focuses the personal quality of life as a goal in the nursing practice. The assumptions of this theory were synthesized from the works by European philosophers, Heidegger, Sarte and Marleau- Ponty together with American nurse theories influenced by Rogers.(Cody)
Concepts and propositions of the theory
The human becoming theory has three main themes or concepts. The first one is meaning. Meaning being the first principle of the theory relates that structuring multidimensional meanings is co- creating reality through the expression of value and image.(Parse, 1998) To simplify this concept, there is the principle that people participates in creating what is real for them through choices and self-expression of the values in their life and how they will implement the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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