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The research delves on the nursing skill includes gathering vital information about the patient’s health condition. The research delves on the effective use of tap water to clean wounds in the home care sector…
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Critique 3 peer reviewed literature review nursing journals
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Download file to see previous pages arch focuses on the topic: For patients in a home setting with wounds, does use of tap water to cleanse wound affect rate of infection and healing compared to use of normal saline to cleanse wounds in a month period. Riting Fernandez (2004) espoused that potable tap water is a good alternative for cleaning wounds in the home environment, based on clinical home trials. Likewise, the same research shows that the use of saline solutions that include Povidine Iodine solutions is an effective cleansing solution for contaminated wounds.
The literature review reveals an obvious gap in knowledge or a conflict in what is currently known. The literature shows that there is confusion as to which is a better wound cleansing alternative in the home environment, in terms of the use of tap water or saline solutions.
The literature review strongly supports the hypotheses or research question. The literature indicates that more research will increase current nursing assessment knowledge. The three journal literatures emphasize the effectiveness of the two wound cleansing alternatives. The three journals offer convincing evidences to affirm their wound cleanings findings.
The literature shows different researches on the topic. The research literature shows that the additional literature is indeed to update the current nursing assessment knowledge on wound cleansing. Additional literature delves on supporting tap water and saline solutions to clean wounds. Nursing skills research also shows that the nurses must incorporate additional knowledge on other wound cleansing methods.
The overall value in the literature review. The overall value of the literature in developing the knowledge database to implement the research equates to ensuring the correct acceptance or rejection of the hypothesis. Lack to research material may wrongly create a false rejection of the hypothesis. In the same light, the lackluster gathering of literature may trigger the wrong acceptance of the right ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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