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A brief overview is given and then a summary of three most commonly used classification languages, including those which are most applicable to the emergency…
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In your own practice, which of the classification systems would be most advantageous
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Standardized Nursing ification Language and Application to Practice This is a review of standardized nursing ification languages that are currently in use within the nursing practices. A brief overview is given and then a summary of three most commonly used classification languages, including those which are most applicable to the emergency department practice. The three most commonly used languages, NANDA, NOC and NIC, are interrelated through an overall linkage system which can be searched by code affiliation, symptoms and other criteria. The Omaha Community Health System and the Georgetown Home Healthcare Classification are also part of the standard nursing classification language systems.
As nursing developed into more of a calling and a profession, it also became clear that there needed to be a standard of nursing classification languages which would be readable through all the disciplines, not only for understanding cases and diagnoses, but also to help those who were conducting research and needed to be able to pick up the terms during case research. Currently, there are three nursing classification languages commonly in use and are also internationally based, helping with evidence-based communications across borders and also across the classifications. They are utilized within the standardized nursing languages (SNL) which consist of three components: assessment, problem identification and problem management (Allred, Smith & Flowers, 2004).
North American Nursing Diagnosis Association (NANDA)
The organization was founded in the U.S.A. in 1982, based on the National Conference Group task force that first organized in 1973 to develop a cohesive system for notating diagnoses. In 2002, NANDA became an international group, thus opening the doors to a more global sharing of over 200 evidence-based diagnoses through a common standardized nursing language (NANDA, 2012, web). This is used in addressing patient symptoms and reactions to illnesses and injuries and is recorded by nurses through a system of problems, etiology and signs/symptoms (PES). An example of a statement for a patient who has dizziness (problem) is that there is a lack of water intake under heavy physical exertion (etiology) and the patient has dry mouth and very little urine flow (signs) (Allred et al, 2004, p. 57).
Nursing Outcomes Classifications (NOC)
The NOC is comprised of over 190 patient outcomes that nurses can refer to and it is a three-layer processing system of seven domains, 29 classes of outcomes and 260 final outcomes. These are concerned with information regarding the patient’s surroundings and environment that encompasses family members, community and each has an assigned code. Outcomes refer to the wellness state after treatment (Allred et al, 2004, p.57). Examples of NOC would refer to terms such as Immune Status (code 0702), Nutritional Status (code 1004) and Tissue Integrity-skin and mucous membranes (code 1101) when associated to risks for infection (Chase, 2010, p.15).
Nursing Intervention Classification (NIC)
This is also a three-level system with seven domains, 30 classes and 486 types of interventions that refer to 12,000 coded activities within the process of intervention. Each coded activity is a step towards completing the intervention in returning the patient to a state of wellness. Terms used in this language are “monitor weight” or recording intake of fluids and food, blood pressure and other body functions (Allred et all, 2004, p.57).
Conclusion: Application in Emergency Department
In the field of emergency care, NANDA and the PES would be most commonly used for preliminary overview of a patient under stress by observing obvious symptoms and possible injuries. The NIC would be the next step in furthering the process after the emergency issues are resolved to a satisfactory level for the intervention to continue forward. The process of classifications in nursing languages is also of great benefit within the context of computerized databases which may now be accessed online through computers and even through smart phones in making on-the-spot emergency decisions. Other systems that are also used are the Omaha Community Health System and the Georgetown Home Healthcare Classification (Henry & Mead, 1996, p. 147). However, these are utilized after stabilization has been conducted with the patient and interventions are in place.
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