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According to Englebardt and Nelson (2002) "A clinical decision support system (CDSS) is an automated decision support system (DSS) that mimics human decision making and can facilitate the clinical diagnostic process, promote the use of best practices, assist with the development…
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Discussion posts
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Discussion Posts Discussion Posts According to Englebardt and Nelson (2002) "A clinical decision support system (CDSS) is an automated decision support system (DSS) that mimics human decision making and can facilitate the clinical diagnostic process, promote the use of best practices, assist with the development and adherence of guidelines, facilitate processes for improvement of care and prevent errors" (p. 116).
The extensive use of Information systems in healthcare would definitely help nurses in decision making. Imagine a case in which an elderly asthma patient admitted in the hospital develops chronic pain while his doctor is out-of-town. An EMR would definitely help me as a nurse in such situations. I can seek the help of other doctors with the help of the EMR of the patient. It should be noted that EMRs usually contain information with respect to the laboratory results and a list of the patient’s medications. The second doctor can go through these details and suggest suitable medicines for the patient.
CDSS tools can prevent drug interactions also. Suppose a medicine prescribed by a doctor may have interactions with another medicine used by the same patient. CDSS can help nurses to check the interactions between different medicines prescribed by the doctors. It is not necessary that the doctor may check such interactions before prescribing certain medicines to a particular patient. In such cases, nurses can check the possible interactions between different medicines used by the patient with the help of CDSS and remind the doctor about it. In short, CDSS and EMRs are the foundations of the modern healthcare systems which help me as a nurse immensely in decision making.
Englebardt, S.P., & Nelson, R. (2002). Health care informatics: An interdisciplinary approach.
St. Louis, MO: Mosby. IBSN: 9870323014236
Decision Support
Holts, Kalato
My healthcare organization utilize EPIC as its documentation system. I begin my shift with verbal bedside report and by reviewing the electronic chart SBAR. I have an opportunity to review orders with pending discontinuance times and dates, labs, medication administration record and written documentation notes by each discipline within the hospital setting. I enjoy the electronic version because it limits problems with penmanship. Often times I use different areas within the EPIC system to help me understand the scientific rationale for orders and plans of care which helps me proactive care for my patient instead of reactive providing care. I have my dashboard settings set up to notify me of orders, results and new documentation notes to keep me abreast to updates regarding my patients care. I love the idea of having my chart at my fingertip without literally having the chart.
Englebardt, S.P. & Nelson, R. (2002). Health care informatics: An interdisciplinary approach.
St. Louis MO: Mosby
My Response
Kalato Holts argues that the problems with penmanship can be avoided with the help of EPIC documentation system used in her hospital. It is a fact that the prescriptions and case histories written by the doctors on paper files are often been unclear to the nurses. The possibility of giving wrong medicines to the patient cannot be ruled out when the doctors prescribe it in written form. On the other hand, prescription of medicines in electronic form would definitely help nurses to avoid such mistakes.
Another important point made by Kalato Holts is that the EPIC system helps her to understand the scientific rationale for orders and plans of care which helps her in providing proactive care instead of reactive care to her patients. In other words, CDSS tools can definitely help a nurse to develop more in her profession. It is possible for a nurse to look for more details with the help of CDSS tools whenever she comes across with new things.
Brink, Daniela
Hebda and Czar state that "both current and former employees pose the greatest risk to IS in terms of their capabilities to change data and damage systems because of their special knowledge and access" (2009, p. 366). The most important element of information security for me with regard to a current or former employee is to perform a background check prior to and even during their employment, where their personal, criminal and financial history (or lack thereof) can be reviewed. In this age of identity theft and credit card fraud it becomes even more important in light of our dependence upon the internet for everyday operations. Authenticating that people actually are who they say they are is key. On our last day of clinicals in the hospital, I personally call the IS dept and ask them to remove my students and my own log in from their system. When I worked as a staff nurse in hospital, I had a personal user ID and password that gained my access to the information system. That password was changed quarterly and if I typed it in incorrectly 3 times, the system would perform a lock out and it took a lengthy phone call with the IT department to regain access.
Hebda, T., & Czar, P. (2009). Handbook of informatics for nurses & healthcare professionals (4th ed.) Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Prentice Hall
My Response
Daniela Brink seems to be worried about the possibilities of identity theft while using CDSS tools in nursing profession. Her concerns cannot be neglected; however it is impossible for us to keep technology away from nursing profession citing such reasons. Antisocial elements are everywhere and they can break any fire walls created by the IT professionals. It is wise to strengthen the firewalls rather than avoiding the use of technology in nursing profession. It should be noted that the use of CDSS tools have immensely helped to improve nursing care in healthcare industry. Nobody can argue against credit cards and ATM cards in this technology savvy world even though the chances of misuse and forgery cannot be ruled out. Same way, it is difficult to keep technology away from nursing profession only because of the possibility of misuse of it by antisocial elements.
Standardized nursing classification language continues to be developed and discussed. No definitive system has yet been defined for nursing use in any single specialty. Based on your reading and your professional experience discuss the advantages and disadvantages of developing a standard nursing language. In your own practice, which of the classification systems would be most advantageous?
In this computer dominated world, the development and use of Standardized nursing classification language is essential to increase the quality of healthcare provided to the patients. It should be noted that mistakes can easily creep in if different hospitals use different languages for coding and decoding of medical records of the patients. Read More
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