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The issue of whether heredity or environment has a more profound influence on the development of an individual is an argument that has taken up countless reams of psychological analyses. However, the purpose of this short response is not to pick a side on this age-old argument…
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Environment and famiy dynamics
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Section/# Environment as it Affects the Family Dynamic The issue of whether heredity or environment has a more profound influence on the development of an individual is an argument that has taken up countless reams of psychological analyses. However, the purpose of this short response is not to pick a side on this age-old argument. Instead, the purpose of this brief analysis is to present the reader with a situation in which both heredity and environment coalesce to provide an extraordinarily powerful medium of development; the medium of the family. In this particular sense, the environment also includes the heredity (Cole 2011).
With respect to what factors constitute an environment, a simpler analysis would be to conclude that any and all outside forces that help to shape the development of the family should be considered the environment. With such an all inclusive meaning, it is readily understood that the environment has a profound effect on familial development as a function of the fact that it encompasses so many diverse factors.
Likewise, familial communication is one of the most central mechanisms through which a family can hope to discuss, analyze, and work to ameliorate negative environmental factors. Without open communication within the unit, the environment itself becomes the determinant factor towards shaping the overall functionality/disfunctionality of the given family unit. In this way, the communication mechanism works to regulate the way in which the familial unit works to alleviate environmental pressures that exist upon it.
Cole, J., & National Literacy Trust, (. (2011). A Research Review: The Importance of Families and the Home Environment. National Literacy Trust. Read More
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Environment and Famiy Dynamics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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