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Designing and implementing an evaluation of the quality of your clinical teaching - Lab Report Example

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The evaluation sought to determine the efficacy of the teaching approaches used by the preceptors within the nursing environment (Subha & Leinster…
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Designing and implementing an evaluation of the quality of your clinical teaching
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Extract of sample "Designing and implementing an evaluation of the quality of your clinical teaching"

Download file to see previous pages The responses of the students were measured on a linkert scale and the data tabulated for analysis. Twelve graduated nurses responded to the questions.
From the results obtained, all the answers ranged between satisfactory, good, and very good. A majority of the responses fell within the category of very good. There was zero data on the categories of poor and very poor. On the positive side, all the questions ranging from Question 1 to Question 8 received overwhelming positive response from the respondents. Question 12 also ranked highly with all the students endorsing the preceptors with the score of “Very Good.”
From this set of results it shows that students were positively in agreement with the fact that the preceptors were available for them, the preceptors understood their roles, the preceptors used students strength and knowledge, and that the receptors acted as good role models. Equally, the students were unanimously in agreement with the fact that the preceptors showed a good rapport with the students, helped them understand goals and needs of the experience, provided immediate feedback with adequate comment, and that they asked students to ask questions. Similarly, the students were in agreement that the nurses communicated clinical and didactic knowledge well.
On the negative side, Question 9 and Question 10 scored low on the responses of the nursing students with many of those who responded spreading out between the levels of satisfactory and very good. By implication, it would imply that the respondents did not feel very positively strongly on the questions of whether the preceptors could communicate clinical and didactic knowledge well. They also showed little affirmation on whether the preceptors communicated clinical and previous knowledge well.
This evaluation report proved a significantly resourceful tool in revealing the effectiveness of the methods ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Designing and Implementing an Evaluation of the Quality of Your Lab Report - 1.
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