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This case study " Candlelight Company: Profitability of the Company " discusses the staffing levels, the company managers need to explore several steps. The writer of this case study recommends a simple company to adopt a "Get-Give-Merge-Go" model…
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Candlelight Company: Profitability of the Company
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Extract of sample "Candlelight Company: Profitability of the Company"

Download file to see previous pages In this case, in making sure requirements are quite understood, there is a need to find out the actual driving changes in the levels of staffing for the company. In order to achieve this, one has to make sure he/she fully understands the business alongside its plans and strategies. Secondly, the company needs to find out the needs of driving staffing. This encompasses establishing what actually creates or changes the company’s staffing requirements, whether defined by the staffing levels or skill levels (Thomas 118). It is worth noting that, more often than not, the requirements of staffing are driven by business activity changes, either services mix or product mix, the geographical expansion, service improvement, alongside similar factors as highlighted in chapter 5 of the staffing drivers. It also essential for the company to find out the constraints that regard staffing.

Other than defining the staffing drivers, the company needs to identify the limiting factors in regard to the staffing levels required. For instance, supposing the marketing forecasts products to increase sales by on average 20 percent for the following year, and the levels of sales drive the sales reps required. Looking at it at first glance, one would conclude that the increase it would be appropriate to increase the number of sales reps. However, maxing out the manufacturing capacity, and making sure that the manufacturing capacity remains unchanged in the next year, there is a low likelihood that there would be additional products produced.

This happening would imply that there is no likelihood of sales increases since there would be no additional reps needed. Fourthly, in defining the staffing levels, the company needs to begin defining changes in both positions and roles. Before attempting to define the staffing levels of staffing required, the managers should first establish the roles alongside changes required in implementing business strategies and plans. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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