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The consultant role can be taken up by any CNS including a preceptor. My CNS preceptor is also an external consultant with several rehabilitation…
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Consultation Affiliation: Part Describe one example of the consultant role observed in your CNS preceptor. Relate description to readings
According to Harmsen (2008), a CNS consultant offers expertise opinion based on his or her qualifications in a particular field. The consultant role can be taken up by any CNS including a preceptor. My CNS preceptor is also an external consultant with several rehabilitation organizations and even providers of rehabilitation services who seek the services and advise of the preceptor. She carries out this role in addition to other roles like teaching. She specialized in rehabilitation in her doctoral education and has also worked in rehabilitation centers providing nursing services for a while and hence is qualified to provide advice and information about rehabilitation to organizations dealing with different forms of rehabilitation and their providers (Harmsen, 2008).
Part 2
Discuss critical behavioral and knowledge competencies that enable your preceptor to be successful in this role
Even before becoming a fully qualified CNS, the preceptor started her education and gathered much experience as a registered nurse where she worked in different settings including a hospital and even in different rehabilitation centers. Her passion to reform addicts led her to write her thesis based on rehabilitation centers and this required numerous research in that area including also dedicating time to work as a volunteer nurse in the centers where she was collecting data from (Fulton, Lyon and Goudreau, 2009).
The years of experience combined with the educational expertise in rehabs has led her to become one of the top consultants and teacher in that field and that is why she is sought after by many rehabilitation organizations and the practitioners in the rehabilitation centers and even well-wishers wishing to invest in different forms of rehabilitation. Her caring nature contributed by her nursing career also has made her a consultant with a passion who follows up on her consultees to ensure that they understand issues and problems in rehabilitation (Hamric, Spross and Hanson, 2009).
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Harmsen, C. A. (February 2008). “Consulting: An opportunity for transformational change.” Nurse Leader, 44-47. Retrieved from: www.consultg-opport4change2008.pdf Read More
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