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Additionally, TIGER aims at providing nursing students with adequate knowledge on the matters that relates to the collection and…
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TIGER/TICC/HIMSS 5 questions Paper
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Running head: TIGER/TICC/HIMSS TIGER/TICC/HIMSS 3rd October Question Technology Informatics Guiding Educational Reform (TIGER) entails the use of modern technology to improve the performance of the practicing nurses. Additionally, TIGER aims at providing nursing students with adequate knowledge on the matters that relates to the collection and presentation of clinical information. One of the major objectives of TIGER is to make healthcare effective, equitable and efficient through the use of informatics tools and theories. In the same way, TIGER aims at upholding transparency in the field of nursing through the use of information technology. As a result of the use of modern technology, TIGER expects to provide appropriate guidelines that will streamline the performance of nursing organisations globally. In addition, TIGER is focused at setting an agenda that will assist nursing organisations and nursing students to candidly specify what they plan to undertake in to improve the quality of their services.
Question 2
As a Nursing Informatics Specialist in Happy Hospital, TIGER will effectively guide me
In determining the extent to which nurses within the hospital can keep database for every patient. Taking into consideration the high number of stakeholders that will be involved, it will be appropriate to ensure that all nurses acquire adequate knowledge on how to prepare spreadsheet that will depict all information needed by the stakeholders. In the same way, TIGER will assist me in advocating for information literacy within the hospital. This will entail training the nurse on how to identify the relevant information that they need during their duties. Additionally, my role will entail giving adequate knowledge on how to evaluate the information and correctly apply it to meet the needs of all the stakeholders.
Having standards for all nurses is important since creates the culture of competency and they act as metrics by which nurse can measure their performance. To ensure that standards within the field of nursing are maintained, Healthcare Information Management System Society (HIMSS) has established a health informatics training system certificate that ensures nurses are competent in the use of computers.
Question 3
Electronic health record (EHR) will empower the consumer by ensuring that they can easily track their health performance based on the updated information from the nurses. In order to ensure that adequate and actual information is available, TIGER and HIMSS will act as an avenue through which nurses will acquire information technology skills on how to manage and prepare clinical information that is needed by the customers. In this regard, we will meet the objective of making nursing a people-centered sector that applies sustainable technologies that are not only standard based but also useful and universal (Hebert, 2000).
Question 4
Empowering a consumer of healthcare is a good policy since it allows individuals to easily access the information that relates to their health. Additionally, consumers are in a better position to communicate with their nurses thus making it possible for the nurses to address their sickness in a timely manner.
Question 5
Do you know information technology can change the nursing practice and improve customer-nurses relationship? Taking into consideration the emerging technologies in the 21st century, it is not mandatory for patients to visit hospitals but they can communicate with their nurses via internet. In this regard, nurses should make efforts to acquire adequate information technology skills that will ensure proper storage of customer database and information, an aspect that TIGER is advocating for.
Hebert, M. (2000).A national education strategy to develop nursing informatics competencies. Canadian Journal of Nursing Leadership 13 (2):11-14. Read More
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