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Definition of Ahimsa - Term Paper Example

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This paper discusses the concept of peace of ahimsa. Ahimsa could also be understood as the goal of our life that helps us understand the ultimate truth of life. The paper analyses that man and god are one and the same but we do not look beyond the physical reality of self…
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Definition of Ahimsa
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Extract of sample "Definition of Ahimsa"

Download file to see previous pages Alternatively, it can be said that ahimsa is the basic principle of life that promotes universal values and ethical living because it abhors violence. It teaches one to love fellow-beings and live in harmony. In the contemporary environment of fast-paced life, people are living on their nerves and each of them is trying to become better than others. This has significantly influenced human behavior that has become less tolerant and more vulnerable to the vagaries of life, provoking violent expressions, both in action and thought. The repercussions are highly detrimental to the society that is increasingly becoming global in essence but diverse in an equation. The rapid globalization has changed the dynamics of societal norms and the emergence of pluralistic society demands new paradigms of peaceful living. Indeed this definition of ahimsa becomes pertinent in the current times and needs to become the governing principle of living.
Interesting, while ahimsa is fittingly described as a principle of non-violence against all odds, it also seems to have acquired huge scope of interpretations that encompass not only the real and metaphysical reality of human life but also life after physical death. The spiritual annotations of ahimsa bring human beings closer to the divinity and therefore, towards immortality of the soul that is indestructible. It inculcates selfless service and promotes acceptance of human failings within the wider realm of human interactions. In short, it teaches people to love and to cherish what one has. In loving others, one would not hate nor desire harm to those whom one loves!
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Definition of Ahimsa Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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