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Review Questions 1 - Research Paper Example

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Hotel people need to understand the main differences that exist in the definition of meetings because each type of meeting attracts different types of guests who have different needs and demands that the hotel people need to prepare for in advance. Different meetings also take…
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Review Questions 1
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TOURISM PAPER-REVIEW QUESTIONS Why it is important for hotel people to understand the differences between various types ofmeetings?
Hotel people need to understand the main differences that exist in the definition of meetings because each type of meeting attracts different types of guests who have different needs and demands that the hotel people need to prepare for in advance. Different meetings also take different duration hence the hotel people need to know this so that they can adequately plan themselves as well as planning for their respective clients. This will assist them in not making clashes when assigning rooms and other allocations. For example conventions usually takes a longer duration as compared to forums. The distinction is of great essence as it helps the hotel management when designing payment packages. Some meetings may require people to pay more than other.
5. Why many meeting planners choose second-tiers cities for their conventions?
The rates charged for conventions within the second tier cities is lower compared to first-tier cities. Hence the meeting planners are able to make huge savings by holding conventions in second-tier cities. Most second-tier cities have many tourist attractions hence they attract many people to hold convention.
6. Characteristics of SMERF groups
SMERF groups are very price conscious
Are generally nonprofit groups.
Is composed of a fairly large number.
They are good source of businesses for slow months.
10. Revenue management and its application in the hotel industry
Revenue management refers to the use of disciplined analytics that are applied in the prediction of consumer behavior aimed at optimization of product availability so that they can maximize the growth of their revenue. This affects the operations of hotels in regard to meetings as it determines the rate at which they should charge every group that intends to meet at their premises.

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Review Questions 1 Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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