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In the paper “Addressing Goals for the DNP Program” the author analyzes the advancement of studies for the nurse to be able to provide better care to patients within a population, as well as to be able to function as a leader or one of the leaders within health and nursing organizations…
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Addressing goals for the DNP program
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Addressing Goals for the DNP Program Addressing Goals for the DNP Program Every person pursuing a career needs to increase his or her skills in order to give better output. In a nursing career it is no different. However, the advancement of studies plays an important role not just in additional skills or knowledge, but also for the nurse to be able to provide better care to patients within a population, as well as to be able to function as a leader or one of the leaders within health and nursing organizations. To be able to achieve these end results, the Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) Program created goals that would be teaching nurses knowledge that give more emphasis to: acquiring an advanced degree of skills used in a multitude of situations; being able to use the results of nursing research in applications as needed; playing an active role in leadership of an organization; and being proactive in the implementation as well as creation of health policies that would be inclusive to all patients. At present, I plan to pursue higher education as an advanced nurse practitioner (ANP) in the DNP program, and with these goals of DNP in mind, I plan to become fully equipped in advancing my skills and knowledge for my nursing career, and share my knowledge with students if given the chance.
In the course of nursing duties, it is required that a nurse be fully prepared in all situations, and to act according to the best course of action, especially when the patient’s life is at stake. While experience can give knowledge, it may not be enough since a nurse can only experience so much during the time that he or she is working. Therefore, the additional learning can greatly help me not only in gaining advanced skills but also in providing additional experiences that may be otherwise available in the usual nursing duties. This also creates value in the services rendered to patients, as well as the experiences being gained. The knowledge regarding the creation of effective health policies can be very helpful both at a large and small scale. Within the large-scale settings, the creation of such policies is to provide better care and services to patients, which is one of the major goals of nursing itself. On a smaller scale, a nurse that understands how to create sound health policies, he or she can gain the confidence in choosing the right course of action in caring for a patient, at the same time putting into consideration the ethical part of policies. I am prepared to learn these in order to give better judgment when addressing my patients’ needs.
I believe that by receiving education under the DNP program I can become advanced in my skills as well as be more proactive in the creation and implementation of policies within an organization with the goal of giving better services to patients as a whole. Read More
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