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Through the times, people have been accessing healthcare through changing formats of social structure and advancement. The perspectives…
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Health care interview
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Health and health deliverables have always been intrinsic part of the people and an important part of a country’s development policies. Through the times, people have been accessing healthcare through changing formats of social structure and advancement. The perspectives towards health have evolved through times. Different generations have accessed health in different ways. Hence, interview with three different generation vis-à-vis grandfather; father and child has been quite revealing. The elderly people of grandfather’s age were more conscious towards their health and relied on home based medication for treating ailments like common cold, fever etc. followed healthy lifestyle with outdoor activities and nutritious food habits. They mainly access healthcare through medical expenses and consult their local doctors. As part of baby boomers’ generation, their health related expenses are fully insured by state and Medicare takes care of it. They are satisfied because they find their doctors friendly who empowers them with information about illness so that they can take better prevention next time.
In the times of the fathers, life had become more hectic which left little time for outdoor activities. The technology had infiltrated all aspects of their personal and professional life. They access healthcare through local government clinic and specialist that have opted for in their health insurance. Most pertinently, healthcare deliverables had become market driven. Healthcare is purchased by individuals and employers from private agencies and insurers and not government. This segment is not satisfied as they could only opt for healthcare plans which they could afford and not what they actually required. It also meant that in cases of serious illness, their finances were stretched badly. For poor and marginalized population access to quality healthcare was limited due to lack of resources. Access to healthcare services was also tedious due to long queue and waiting. Access to healthcare services were accessed mainly by prior appointments with specialists and relied on strict medications for getting well. They were more resigned to higher cost of healthcare and had little faith in alternative medicines.
The current generation of people is technology driven but it also realizes the importance of holistic treatment. It believes in empowered decisions and therefore is more inclined to research the illnesses through internet. They access healthcare through local dispensary as well as consult specialist if the disease is complicated or new. They are also better placed financially and therefore are able to opt for health plans that suit them best. As such, they are able to select the best health consultant for their health related needs. They are satisfied with the payment arrangement which they share with their employers or pay fully from their pocket to the insurer. But poor people are hit hard due to escalating cost of healthcare deliverable and as such they are not satisfied. Most Interestingly thing about this generation is that are aware of socio environmental paradigms that are responsible for many of the serious diseases like cancer, mental stress etc. Thus, more and more people prefer alternative medicines or treatments like Yoga, meditation, homeopathy, naturopathy etc. to keep fit.
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