How gender roles have changed over time - Essay Example

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According to the researchers, many researches can be carried out in order to analyze the changing gender roles that have taken place throughout the recent decade. The many research methods that have been proven to be successful show the research about gender roles. …
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How gender roles have changed over time
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Parents are known to be the first and foremost influence that has an impact on the gender role of a person. Since parents are the first teachers who teach the basics of talking and walking and more importantly the attitudes and behaviors. The parents who still hold traditional attributes tend to create different paths for their children distinguishing maleness and femaleness and the kinds of activities appropriate for each (Arber, 2003, p. 57). The researchers would not have been successful without the use of proper research methods. Many studies have shown how different methods can be used. These include interviews, observations, visual methods and many more. Out of which, through a series of processes carried out, it was found out how influential each of these methods are. Using appropriate methods can also allow the researchers to find out that parents respond to their daughter’s cries faster than they do to their son’s cries. Over the past few decades, there has been a change which is seen globally in the gender roles. Many of the countries worldwide have been facing great strides in being able to accept and adjust to the new definition of gender roles. With the help of many qualitative methods of research, it is found out that according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, white men had once dominated the workplace, now are about 45% of all the workers, whereas, white women and other women dominate the workplace with 47% of the workplace. The percentage of women who worked outside their homes rose to 76% from 50% during the period 1970 to1995 (Kite, 2001, p. 215). This shows how much these qualitative research methods can enhance the development of quality measures and also report quality improvement efforts. Much importance has been given to the methods of qualitative research that can be and have been used to identify several ways of improving and studying the quality of care. Since gender roles are very important to be analyzed and to be able to study about the human nature and the changes of attitudes that eventually affect the society and the people in society. The immense development of the qualitative research methods, the focus groups and especially the interviews has become a standard part of the development and has been considered as a reliable instrument to collect data from surveys which has shown how the gender roles have changed mainly because of the women entering the workplaces and the men changing their attitudes towards raising children (Smits, 2003, p.605). The best way of research to find out the gender roles and their changes over the time is to carry out interviews and choose the people who have been involved in the process of changing gender roles. The above research has been taken out from the interviews that have been carried out during the past decade and they show how the statistics have made the change prominent over the time. Women have been interviewed which showed how they have gained the confidence to adopt more activities and responsibilities in the outside world to match up with the men (Unger, 2004, p.220). Men have been interviewed individually which shows their clarity of mind and ideas that is influential on their roles in the society (Maloney, 2006, p.14). With the help of interviews and critical analysis of the individual minds, it was found out that in 2008, men and women of the same percentage believed in traditional gender roles unlike decades back when ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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