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Health Care Hr Interview Name Instructor Course Date Question: What benefits and compensation do you offer new employees? Answer: While observing fiscal responsibility, we are committed to compensating new employees in a way that is consistent, fair, that which reflects on the external market and offers recognition for accomplishment of individual goals, professional competencies and corporate objectives…
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Health care HR interview
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Health Care Hr Interview Question: What benefits and compensation do you offer new employees? Answer: While observing fiscal responsibility, we are committed to compensating new employees in a way that is consistent, fair, that which reflects on the external market and offers recognition for accomplishment of individual goals, professional competencies and corporate objectives. Such objectives include internal and external equity, administrative efficiency, augmented productivity, performance, and compliance with laws and regulations (Niles, 2013). Categorically, using fairness and equity is a core component to ensuring a successful rewards and compensation program. Our organization supports equity via ensuring that all new and existing employees in our affiliation receive fair treatment. Salary ranges are relative to where the industry plans to be in the markets and we reward employees according to their relative work values within the healthcare industry. We determine salary based on initial job requirements and not depending on the performance and skills of the employee (Niles, 2013). Such a rewards and compensation plan enables our health care delivery fruitful and worth to the community and the entire nation. Question: Have you initiated any programs in place to help new graduates? Answer: Indeed, we have a program where administrative interns receive exposure to a diverse learning experience, which is broad-based and resourceful in nature:agreat exposure to contemporary healthcare delivery services. Such administrative interns are free to apply for the opportunity where they have a chance to acquire familiarity with the operations in major university teaching hospitals:via exposure within departments in the hospitals (Niles, 2013). They also have opportunities to be subject matter experts in their projects through data gathering, learning quality job skills and sharing their findings with other interns and a host of constituents in the healthcare industry. Available internship features include program offerings such as highlighting of experiences, involvement in work projects, completion of performance evaluations and communication with mentors throughout the program. Further areas of emphasis inculcate site planning, patient satisfaction analyses, contracting analysis, process improvement, third-party reimbursement, creation of Medicare cost reports, and outcomes analysis of clinical safety and preparation of business plans (Niles, 2013). Question: What kind people are you looking for Answer:We are looking for qualified medical practitioners who are up to standards and who can deliver quality medical services to patients. We realize that recruitment is the most critical HR management task whether the candidateis from within the organization, such as the interns, or from outside (Niles, 2013). We are looking for ideal candidates who can potentially and willingly foster achievement of our organization’s goals and purpose. The recruitment process starts withthe definition of the job, looking for a pool of qualified candidates based on our selection criteria, selecting the best candidate from that particular pool and eventually orienting them to their best position. Potential employees should be committed and motivated. We are looking for those candidates that have proper educational qualification and those who bear the characteristics of a successful healthcare practitioner such as forthright, communicative, thorough, professional, empathetic, caring, honest, reliable, and efficient among other traits (Niles, 2013). Question: What qualities are you seeking the most from candidates? Answer:We observe a variety of traits when seeking the ideal candidate for a job in the healthcare industry. Foremost, professionalism is ultimately imperative for any employee. For instance, the ideal employee should have a profound sense of professionalism that would aid them stick to the formalities of the career. Employees ought to have discipline when it comes to attending board meetings with senior doctors and nurses (Niles, 2013). They should be highly collaborative and team workers. They should be able to thrive in a professional environment and ensure emotional stability when dealing with patients who need care. Trustworthiness and responsibility are imperative. Reliability is inevitable in this career. Professional grooming ought to be sharp in nature and the worker should present themselves in a professional way. Ideal candidates should be good communicators and caring. Ideal candidates should be knowledgeable, willing to learn and display a profound sense of empathy to the ill patients (Niles, 2013). This would ensure success in terms of providing quality healthcare to the entire nation. Question: How do you keep the top performers stay with your organization? Answer:Numerous initiatives and strategiesexist, which, enhance and ensure staff retention. The fundamental tactics include ensuring employee satisfaction and boost their working morale. We also conduct regular employee satisfaction surveys. We address our vision statement for every department and depict the goals for each worker, which inculcates a profound sense of responsibility (Niles, 2013). We regularly hire non-clinical to assist our healthcare practitioners. Our chief strategies in ensuring employee retention include fostering a spirit of teamwork in daily practice, providing the best equipment to workers, valuing our employees, intensively training our front line, offering convenient hours, part time possibilities, communicating openly with practitioners in the workplace. All these strategies glue our employees to their positions. We conduct regular supervision knowing that quality supervision guarantees employee retention where the employee knows about their work quality and assessment outcome with a guarantee of mentorship where they may have failed. Summarily, it means that we foster respect, growth, assignment of meaningful responsibilities and quality work (Niles, 2013). References Niles, N. J. (2013). Basic Concepts of Health Care Human Resource Management. Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett Publishers. Read More
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Health Care HR Interview Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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