Healing Hospitals is a Key Component of the Social Lives of People - Essay Example

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The paper "Healing Hospitals is a Key Component of the Social Lives of People" states that healing hospitals believe more in spiritual heal rather than medical healing. This concept is based on the belief that God is the healer. To get healed, one is needed to have a clean heart, soul and spirit…
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Healing Hospitals is a Key Component of the Social Lives of People
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Healing hospitals
Healing hospitals have become a key component to the social lives of people. With years many medical establishment are transformed to healing centers to satisfy the ever growing demand. Healing hospitals provide the environment and the sanctuary which many medical centers do not provide. Medical institutions are also not left behind in embracing the technology as many of them contract healing centers for their services. In healing centers patients find more serenity and calmness which help them recover. According to Fletcher (2010) healing centers are all about their calm environment. Different from hospitals which are noisy, drugs scented and a lot of movement, healing centers provides the exact opposite of that.
The components of healing hospitals include provision of safety to patients, serenity to patients, day to day relaxing sessions, spiritual activities like praying and singing and a staff which knows how to transform the environment to a healing environment. As its duty on society, churches feel that they have the obligation to take care of the sick in society. For this reason, most churches transform they extra land to be healing hospitals. In these hospitals patients are provided with guidance and counseling, prayer sessions and daily devotions from the holy books. It is usually a notion that a spiritual environment is free from evil, violence and ill thoughts. According to Chapman (2003) healing hospitals are the same as spiritual environments. Right from the most inferior staff member there is a feeling of righteousness. The staffs around healing hospitals have the feeling that the lives of needy people require very intense attention. McCall (2002) argues that the working staff around healing hospitals makes the centers even more spiritual and human friendly.
The establishment of healing hospitals has a lot of challenges. In the creation of these hospitals, the aim is always to create a patient friendly environment without a routine check of doctors, hourly injections and hospital protocol. However, these features also have important roles in the creation of healing hospitals. The major difficulty lies with the creation of a healing hospital with a serene environment but with a medical touch in it. The challenges range from financial constraints to maintenance constraints. The challenges are more severe if the healing hospital is located in a hospital environment (Swartely, 2012). Healing hospitals are easy to run and manage if they are independent institutions or located in charitable institutions like churches and nursing homes (Gaiser, 2010).
Just as the bible, healing hospitals believe more in spiritual heal rather than medical healing. This concept is based on the belief that God is the healer. To get healed, one is needed to have a clean heart, soul and spirit. And most importantly one has to have faith in the spiritual healing. The spirituality in healing hospitals advocates for prayer to God for healing. This is alliterated in the book of James 5: 14-15 (New King James Version).

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The New King James Version: The Holy Bible. Read More
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