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Even though spirituality is normally assumed as an optimistic resource for dealing with ailments, spiritual distress might have a pessimistic impact on the health solutions. Certain tools are required in the practice of clinics and eventually in addressing the identified needs…
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Spirituality 3
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Spirituality Spirituality The questions included in the questionnaire comprise of Has your present health condition influenced your capability to do things that help you spiritually?
2. What is your relationship with your family and close friends in your current condition?
3. Is there anyone with who you wish to make up?
4. Is there anyone to whom you wish to say “I’m sorry” or “I love you?’
5. Would it be okay to talk to a chaplain?
6. Are you worried about any aggression between your tradition and your present medical condition?
Even though spirituality is normally assumed as an optimistic resource for dealing with ailments, spiritual distress might have a pessimistic impact on the health solutions. Certain tools are required in the practice of clinics and eventually in addressing the identified needs. A study conducted by Seaman, Durbin & Seaman, (2003), demonstrated the initial progress in the establishment of clinically approved instruments for assessing spiritual distress in nursing elderly patients. An assessment concerning spirituality was conducted on patients where several questions were asked and different response obtained from the patient. The following is a brief summary of the assessment.
It was noted that the patient admitted to being affected by her relationship with God due to her illness. She has not been able to do things related to spirituality effectively as a result of her illness. She relates her devastation in her relationship with her family and friends as they consider her an outcast in the community. From the assessment it was observed that the kind of ailment she was suffering was considered to infect someone who went against the culture of the community. The patient had a desire to make up with children who have since been separated from her for three months of her ordeal. She reiterated that she wish to profess her love for her children. It is apparent that the conflicts are likely to affect the medical situation where the patient is likely to die faster than anticipated. Besides, she preferred to speak to her chaplain before she passed on, which is a request she made to the nurses to help her soul rest in peace.
The major challenge in conducting the assessment was behind the fact that the patient was emotional at some point. She blamed everyone in the society for her current situation, her family members for abandoning her and God for letting things happen the way they are. It was not easy to complete the entire assessment. In future, I intend to change the line and formatting of the questions in away to avoid build up of emotions among the patients (Clark, Drain & Malone, 2003). Besides, I failed to take into considerations that this patient had reached a point of believing that God is not in control and hence He is a mean super being who lets His people suffer. Through the assessment I learnt some few vital lessons. One of the significant things I learnt was spirituality is essential to some patients while other patients who tend to be pagans in nature it might not help a lot. Moreover, it is one of the foundations that many nurses, doctors and spiritual leaders must utilize to ensure success in treatment of patients (Powell, Shahabi & Thoresen, 2003).

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