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Holistic Care in Relation to Adult Nursing and Child Nursing - Essay Example

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Holistic Care in Relation to Adult Nursing and Child Nursing Total Number of Words: 1,527 Introduction Caring for the sick individuals is not limited to the administering of medications, managing the signs and symptom of a disease, and/or the providing assistance to patients each time they perform their activities of daily living (ADL)…
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Holistic Care in Relation to Adult Nursing and Child Nursing
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Download file to see previous pages This study will focus on discussing the significance of holistic care in relation to adult nursing and child nursing. As part of discussing the significance of holistic care in adult and child nursing, some real-life clinical examples will be provided when practicing spirituality in holistic care for adult and child patients. Eventually, several reasons will be provided as to why nurses should exert an effort to incorporate spirituality when giving holistic care to the patients. Significance of Holistic Care in Relation to Adult Nursing and Child Nursing Holistic care is all about being able to deliver caring service that will uplift not only the physical health of the patients but also their mental, social, psychological, emotional, and spiritual well-being (Broker and Nicol, 2003, p. 4). There are quite a lot of similarities and differences with regards to the provision of holistic care to adult and child patients. Similar to child nursing, the adult nursing aims to promote a healthy lifestyle and prevent diseases. Before planning, delivering, and evaluating the quality of healthcare services given to each patient, holistic care in adult nursing and child nursing aims to identify the specific healthcare needs of the patients (Broker and Nicol, 2003, p. 4). ...
that the family members are experiencing when taking care of an adult patient who has insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, the family members are more stressed out when caring for children who are suffering from chronic disease (Hobson and Noyes, 2011). Since the parents of the child has other important obligation to do during day time, it is expected that the child’s parents will be experiencing excessive stress when taking care of a sick child. Therefore, healthcare professional should incorporate the practice of spirituality when providing holistic care to a child patient. Healthcare professionals should consider all possible interventions that can effectively improve such resilience. For instance, when dealing with young patients, healthcare professionals should develop a balanced coping strategy that will allow the parents of a sick child to maintain a good physical and mental health and meet the medical and emotional needs of the child (Major, 2003). By doing so, the nurses will be able to make the family members easily cope with the child’s chronic illness. Examining how the patient’s family function will also make it easier on the part of the nurse(s) to gain better idea on how they can effectively manage or lessen the physical and emotional stress that the parents and the child’s siblings may be experiencing in times of dealing with the patient’s chronic disease. Upon developing a list of effective nursing intervention, healthcare professionals could more or less be able to lessen and minimize the chances wherein the family members would experience negative emotions such as anger and depression. Another good way of providing spirituality in holistic care is for the healthcare professionals to be able to identify the risk factors that may trigger ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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