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Nursing Concept Analysis - Essay Example

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As people age, they are exposed to more and different life experience. The accumulation of these differences makes older adults more diverse than any other age group. As the nurse assesses the older adults, it is important to consider this diversity. The nurse should asses the client for perception of age in hospital as well as in community…
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Nursing Concept Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages It is concerned with promoting, maintaining, and restoring health. Nurses are committed to the goal of promoting an optimal level of functioning for all individuals, families and groups, thereby contributing to the health of the nation. It determines health status of individuals, families, and populations and makes clinical decisions regarding the appropriate action to be taken.
It is important that the nurse maintains the positions that aging is normal and is not related to disease. Age is a date in time and is influenced by many factors, including emotional and physical health, development stage, socioeconomic status, culture, and ethnicity. Ageism is a negative attitude based on age. It leads to discrimination in the care given to the older adults. The nurse who demonstrates negative attitudes may fear of his own aging process or be misinformed about aging and the health care need of the older adults. The care of the aged is provided mostly in institution. Care for an individual adult is delivered in a variety of quite different settings (e.g. privately run nursing home or government institution).
The care of the aged is called clinical gerontology or geriatrics .Besides the needs and problems concerned with the psychology and physiology of aging the social aspect of aging a great challenge to the caring profession especially the nurse.
Back This paper was done to explore the relationship between the dependency levels of older people who are part of the community nurse's caseload and the volume and nature of nursing input required.
Background. Healthcare policy has consistently emphasized the reorientation of health services from hospital to community care. It is necessary to determine ways to use nursing resources appropriately to meet service needs of an increasing older population
There are various approaches to address caring for the older adults. These are:
1) Family and welfare approach: Many of the aged are reluctant to go to institutions for the care of the aged. Thus family care is encouraged.
2) Medical approach: Many hospitals are now having special units for the care of the
aged both in-patient and out-patient departments where health promotional and specific
Nursing Concept Analysis 3
preventive measures such as health examination for early diagnosis and treatment are provided.
3) Community approach: The elders are encouraged to participate in activities that are beneficial to health and to avoid those that are injurious.
These approaches would enhance trust of older adults to their environment especially to the nursing care involved.
Dignity may be defined as a concept that relates to basic humanity. Dignity consists of inherent and external dimensions, which are common for all humans and at the same time are unique for each person, relating to social and cultural aspects. The attributes of preserving dignity are individualized care, control restored, respect, advocacy and sensitive listening.
Method: In order to establish an appropriate nursing care for older adults, a quantitative study was conducted using the "Community Client Need Classification System". The community nursing team recorded the amount of care time spent with each individual client for over a 4-week period.
Findings: They were assessed in low and high ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Nursing Concept Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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